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Meet the Team

modmore was founded by Mark Hamstra in March 2013, officially launching on June 17th, 2013. Since then we've grown to a small team of freelancers (in varying capacities) from all over the world working together on building Extras for MODX.

Mark Hamstra, Founder & CEA

Mark started modmore for various reasons, but being an entrepreneur at heart is definitely one of them. In between the perks of running a business, spreading the word and providing support, Mark occasionally finds time to, like, develop stuff. Mark's website

Isaac Niebeling, Development & Support

Isaac develops great features and squashes bugs impressively to make - among other things - ContentBlocks awesome. Can be found in support from time to time too. Isaac's website

Marc Jenkins, Content & Communication

Marc joined the team to work on the website content, and improving our communication across the various channels like email and the blog. Marc's website.

Murray Wood, Development & Support

Murray joined in April 2021 and works primarily on Commerce and Commerce extensions, but also steps in maintaining our open source extras, working on the MODX core, and provides support for our users.

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