SimpleCart 2.4 is out

2.4 is our first feature release for SimpleCart! 2.4.0 introduces 5 new features, 3 improvements, and a handful of bug fixes.

Before we get to the details, I'd like to give a shout out to Martin Gartner of bitego. He's been helping develop features and fixing issues following client requests to make SimpleCart more powerful. There are several features contributed by Martin in 2.4, and supposedly there's more on the way for 2.5. Thanks Martin!

So here's what's new.

New plugin event fired during checkout

SimpleCart will now fire an OnSimpleCartOrderCreate event during the checkout, right after creating an order but before sending the user to the payment method of choice. This plugin event should help for people looking to synchronise order data to an external system and is more reliable than a hook on payment success.

Minimum order amounts

To ensure all orders are at least worth a certain amount of money, you can now set a minimum order amount with context settings. The user will be provided a warning if they haven't added enough to their cart yet.

(Note: if you have a custom cart form and want to use this feature, make sure to update your chunk with the new code on line 81-85 of the provided scCart chunk)

Tagger support

For those that like using Tagger for taxonomies, you'll be pleased to learn that SimpleCart 2.4 will now work as expected with Tagger. The tags tab will show up properly, giving you more control (and performance) for complex tag-based navigational structures.

Persisting carts across sessions and devices

If your users are logged in, SimpleCart now has the ability to persist the cart information across their sessions. It's easy to set up just by switching some settings and can be a great addition to user-based checkouts. The behaviour for anonymous users remains the same. Check out the documentation for this feature here.

Fixed price coupons only apply once

When using fixed price coupons and adding more than one product to the cart, the discount would be multiplied by the number of products. We've fixed that in 2.4.

Rather than applying coupon discounts to each product, 2.4 will apply discounts to the entire cart instead, preventing the multiplication issue.

If you've heavily tweaked your cart, be sure to verify discounts still show up properly for your customers after upgrading to 2.4.

And more...

You can now use SimpleCart for free on development environments. You can also start using context settings thanks to the implementation of Alpacka, and we've fixed some useful bugs thanks to our awesome customers and partners. You can find the complete changelog here.

SimpleCart 2.4 is a free upgrade for all SimpleCart users with valid 2.x licenses. If you're just catching up with the news that modmore took over SimpleCart, read this article to see what it all means and how to get on board.

Happy Friday!