MoreGallery 1.8 adds tags to the batch toolbar

It has only been a little over a week since MoreGallery 1.7, but we've built a useful new feature that we're excited to share. Introducing: batch editing of tags!

It was already possible to change the visibility and to remove images with the batch toolbar. Now you can also choose an existing tag to add to, or remove, from all selected images at once. We've also grouped together the different buttons to make the different actions on the toolbar easier to scan.

As MoreGallery 1.7 also improved support for PDFs, and it already supported YouTube and Vimeo videos, this release also adds some ribbons to the items in the gallery indicating what type it is.

We hope you'll enjoy these improvements!

If you haven't tried MoreGallery before, you can use this special link to grab a license at 20% off until July 19th!