Commerce 1.2.0-pl available

Commerce 1.2.0-pl is now available from our package provider.

The 1.2 series includes a whole bunch of new features, improvements and bug fixes compared to v1.1. Here are a few highlights:

  • Completely refreshed dashboard with better metrics and charts
  • Ability to add transactions via the order view, to reflect processed refunds or adjustments
  • Validating UK VAT numbers with the HMRC database
  • Marking status change actions as inactive to (temporarily) disable certain options
  • Greatly improved cart performance for large orders (more than 10 different items) and various other under-the-hood improvements for performance and stability
  • User address properties are now also copied to order addresses (i.e. VAT registration numbers and other custom properties)
  • Various payment gateway improvements:
    • Stripe: avoid double order processing with webhook, upgrade to v7 of the API client, improving error handling and various issues
    • Mollie: include mini summary of the order in the metadata, show localised payment options
    • Braintree: avoid double submits when processing on the client-side
  • PHP8 compatibility (with MODX 2.8.2+)
  • Context-specific lexicons now loaded when processing a status change or message in the dashboard
  • Optionally export order items with the orders export
  • More flexible tax conditions

The full changelog can be found here, listing all changes in each release candidate and the 1.2.0-pl release itself.

If you're still on 1.1.4 (or older), we strongly recommend upgrading on a test or staging environment first to make sure your shop still works as expected. It's a big update update (over a hundred fixes!) that may have adverse effects on some implementations. If you do run into any issues, we're of course happy to help.