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SimpleAB allows you to A/B (split) test chunks and templates in MODX.

Version: 1.2.1-pl


MODX Compatibility

Downloads: 462

License: MIT

Build by modmore

SimpleAB • Bugs & Features

Below you will find a list of open and closed issues for SimpleAB. If you encounter any bugs or have some great ideas to make SimpleAB better, please contact support.


Dashboard widget showing most recent test

Created on 2015-06-09 • Last updated on 2015-07-03


Better graphs

Created on 2014-06-07 • Last updated on 2015-02-03


Add snippet properties to snippets in build

Created on 2014-04-24 • Last updated on 2015-02-03


Add dashboard widget with quick analytics

Created on 2013-08-12 • Last updated on 2015-02-03


Improve dynamic template switching by implementing caching

Created on 2013-03-03 • Last updated on 2013-05-09


Add conversion hook for the Login package

Created on 2013-03-03 • Last updated on 2013-03-03

Closed Issues

  • #20: Add ability to lock down editing so users can only see analytics of tests • Closed on 2013-08-13
  • #18: Refactor to store incrementing int's for picks/conversions instead of a row for each • Closed on 2013-08-13
  • #17: Preview does not properly log picks (+conversions) • Closed on 2013-05-25 • v1.0
  • #16: Enable Preview for non-active tests/variations • Closed on 2013-05-25 • v1.0
  • #15: Template Tests: Resource ID range • Closed on 2013-09-03
  • #14: Template Tests; assign to resource parents • Closed on 2013-09-03 • v1.0
  • #7: ability to copy test to create new test (with data reset) • Closed on 2013-05-03
  • #6: ability to clear/reset data for tests and variations • Closed on 2013-05-01
  • #5: ability to delete/remove tests and variations • Closed on 2013-05-03
  • #4: Feature: A/B testing chunks • Closed on 2013-05-03
  • #3: Feature: an AJAX conversion endpoint • Closed on 2013-05-26

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