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At modmore we build Premium Extras for MODX. Combined with a suite of Open Source Extras, MODX Consults, an online magazine about MODX and regular contributions to the core, we call that More for MODX.

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Premium Extras

Our Premium Extras are high quality addons for MODX, with helpful docs and 24 hour support. Designed to work with your designs and processes, we give you the tools to take on any project.

Open Source

Aside from our Premium Extras, we also provide a growing suite of Open Source Extras and tools to enhance your MODX projects. Licensed as MIT or GPL, so free to use and extend, hosted on GitHub.

Excellent & Fast Support

Do you have a question? Browse our FAQs, discuss it on the forum, or simply send us an email and—just like 3,400+ other tickets with a 96% "Great" rating—a human will get back to you shortly.

The first official MODX3 alpha is here

If you've given up hope when years of hearing about MODX 3 didn't lead to an official release, that's understandable. But, at last, the first official MODX 3.0 alpha is available!

Commerce 1.1.0-pl available

The initial pre-release for Commerce 1.1 already dates back to August, so we're glad to finally call it stable with the release of Commerce 1.1.0-pl. Learn more about what's been changed.

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