Commerce makes it easy to sell online exactly the way you want. Extend functionality with our Payment Methods and Modules or build your own.

Developed by: modmore
Current Version: 1.1.0-rc2
Downloads: 700
Price: € 299 per install* (view all pricing)

Premium Extras for MODX Revolution

All of our Premium Extras come with great documentation, lifetime upgrades and unlimited support. Quality you can depend on.

Redactor 2.3.8-pl

Redactor is a beautiful, user friendly, and configurable rich text editor for MODX with powerful media management.

ContentBlocks 1.8.12-pl most popular

ContentBlocks is a powerful content manager for MODX allowing editors to create modular, multi-column content.

MoreGallery 1.9.1-pl

MoreGallery is an intuitive and powerful image gallery for MODX with video support, tags, cropping and custom fields.

Commerce 1.1.0-rc2 v1.0 now available!

Commerce makes it easy to sell online exactly the way you want. Extend functionality with our Payment Methods and Modules or build your own.

Formalicious 2.0.2-pl

Formalicious is the most powerful and easiest MODX form builder, with built-in multi-step forms, 8 field types, hooks, validation and the ability to use advanced FormIt features.

Digital Signage 1.2.0-pl New!

Broadcast anything you want into your office, store, or school with Digital Signage. Manage slides, broadcasts and many players from a central place.

VerifyLogin 1.0.1-pl

Verify Login detects if your user account gets accessed from an unknown location, and sends you an email when it happens.

SEOSuite 1.2.2-pl

SEOSuite automatically redirects page not found URLs to relevant pages on your site.

SimpleCart 2.6.2-pl

SimpleCart is an easy to use e-commerce solution with online payments, coupons and more for your MODX site.

Free Extras for MODX Revolution

Aside from the cream of the crop that is our Premium Extras, we also maintain a number of Free and Open Source Extras. These can be used without purchase but still take advantage of the experienced modmore team. Limited support is available for our free extras.

Magic Preview 1.0.1-pl

Magic Preview gives you a new preview button on your resources that shows you your changes, without actually saving the resource.

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SimpleAB 1.2.1-pl

SimpleAB allows you to A/B (split) test chunks and templates in MODX.

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ClientConfig 2.2.0-pl

ClientConfig gives your client a user-friendly interface for making site wide changes, while you as the administrator set up the different options available to the end-user.

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Scheduler 1.1.0-pl

Scheduler is an open source (MIT) Extra for MODX Revolution that handles scheduling tasks in the future and other automation. It is meant to provide an easy to integrate and administer scheduling engine or message queue for developers, with a component for admins.

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Gitify Watch 1.0.0-rc3

Companion to the Gitify command line tool, Gitify Watch is a plugin installed into MODX that automatically extracts and commits changes to your git repository.

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Quickstart Buttons 1.3.0-rc1

Based on an idea by Christian Seel, the free Quickstart Buttons package allows you to manage big buttons that show up on the MODX Manager Dashboard.

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SiteDash Client 1.1.1-pl

SiteDash Client is the companion package for SiteDash, allowing it to securely communicate with your site.

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CSRF Helper 1.0.0-pl

CSRF Helper is a tool for MODX to secure forms against cross-site request forgery (CSRF) vulnerabilities.

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VersionX -

VersionX keeps track of changes to your resources, templates, template variables, chunks, snippets and plugins. You can view historic changes and revert changes from a simple dashboard.

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oEmbed 1.1.1-pl

With the oEmbed package you have a new input type for ContentBlocks that lets you easily embed oEmbed-enabled links.

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Blockdown 1.0.0-pl

Blockdown is a markdown editor input type for ContentBlocks using EpicEditor.

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PayPal Gateway for SimpleCart 1.1.6-pl

Provides a PayPal gateway for SimpleCart.

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Mollie Gateway for SimpleCart 1.2.3-pl

Provides a Mollie Gateway for SimpleCart, which can be used to accept payments via iDeal and several other European payment methods.

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Stripe Gateway for SimpleCart 3.0.0-rc1

Provides a Stripe gateway for SimpleCart, which can be used to accept credit card payments in your shop.

Details » Gateway for SimpleCart 3.0.0-rc1

Provides an gateway for SimpleCart, which can be used to accept credit card payments in your shop with minimal PCI compliance needs thanks to the hosted checkout form.

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