Big Brother

Big Brother is a dashboard widget to show Google Analytics data in your MODX Manager. We're now crowdfunding to build version 2 to support the new version of Google Analytics and MODX3 - you can help!

Version: 1.5.0-pl


MODX Compatibility

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By modmore

Google Analytics at a glance

Since 2011, Big Brother has provided you a welcome insight into your sites' visitor statistics by importing your Google Analytics data into the MODX dashboard.

We've maintained it since 2015 and now need your help to rebuild Big Brother to support the new Google Analytics 4 and the upcoming MODX3.

Check the v2 crowdfunding campain

Screenshot of Big Brother in action on the MODX Dashboard

How it works

Add the Dashboard Widget

Start by installing the free extra from either MODX or modmore. In System > Dashboards, add the Google Analytics widget to your dashboard.

Login to Google

Start the authorization process from the dashboard. Click the button to login with your Google account, and give Big Brother secure access to the Google Analytics data in your account.

See your visits

Big Brother will now show you charts, tables, and key metrics from Google Analytics right on the MODX dashboard.

Big Brother v1 only supports Universal Analytics and MODX 2.x.
If you want to see data for a Google Analytics v4 property, or use MODX3, you'll need Big Brother v2.

Learn more about Big Brother v2

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