Commerce is a powerful e-commerce solution for MODX, allowing you to sell online exactly the way you want. Install even more functionality with 35+ plug & play extensions, or build your own.

Version 1.5.0-pl

V2 & V3

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Downloads 1,616

Rating 4.5/5

Price €299 per site

Developer modmore

Commerce is the best solution for creating an online store with MODX Revolution Extend functionality with our payment methods and modules or build your own. Backed by our excellent support.

Businesses big and small are powered by Commerce, from wineries, fashion and non-profits, to e-learning and B2B services.

I would suggest Commerce if it supports your tax and payment needs for a product shop
Ryan Thrash, MODX Ryan Thrash
We launched, our first webshop project based on ‘Commerce’. This new product of modmore is gamechanging and offers a solid solution for e-commerce projects on MODX.
@Sterc (via Twitter) Sterc
When we were approached to build a new eCommerce platform for Shelfwiz we knew Commerce would be a perfect fit. The modular, intuitive Extra allowed us to meet our client’s exact needs, customize the checkout experience, and continue our pursuit of building the fastest web applications possible. We applaud the modmore team and highly recommend Commerce.
Jamison Mergens, Grey Sky Media Jamison Mergens
Commerce enabled us to quickly build a scalable and secure shopping platform for Perfect Colours with minimal development time and maximum design freedom. It’s a simple solution which brings back the joy of setting up web shops.
Nathanael McMillan, Inside Creative Sterc
Commerce has made it easy to manage an eCommerce store in MODX whilst being easy to use and incredibly extendable to fit any shop’s needs
Tony Klapatch Tony Klapatch
I was able to set up an e-Commerce Webstore within just a few days using Commerce. What can I say.. I love it! Commerce handled almost everything I needed out of the box - one thing I missed was the tablerates feature. So I got in touch with Mark who implemented that feature within an hour. That's the kind of support you dream of!
Alexander Jekic (read full review) Alexander Jekic
I cannot express how happy I am with Commerce. Until then, and yes SimpleCart has positive points, it was a struggle to make an offer to a client who asked for a webshop-solution. The features are great, the dashboard is very friendly and the configuration has a low learing-process.
Frederik Houwen (read full review) Frederik Houwen
As a developer, I've found Commerce to be the most easily customisable e-commerce solution I've ever had the pleasure of using. I've personally already built two modules for it and plan on extending it in many more ways in the future.
Murray Wood (read full review) Murray Wood

There is no "one size fits all" in e-commerce. Commerce meets the most common needs for selling online, and then provides a flexible foundation for bespoke solutions. Commerce grows with your needs.

#1: A Solid Foundation

We've taken the time to get the basics right and sweat the details.

Commerce keeps core product handling, calculations, and built-in functionality simple and predictable. By making it easy to test, extend, and maintain, we can promise you a stable platform to rely on.

And now that we're past v1.0, we're committed to ensuring backwards compatibility, too.

#2: Built to be extended

If anything, e-commerce is about flexibility, unique use cases, and third party integrations.

Dozens of extensions for Commerce and built-in modules are available, to add additional features in just a few clicks.

Comfortable with PHP? Build your own module, and the sky is the limit.

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#3: Excellent Support

The best support is the one you don't need, so we write lots of documentation and FAQs. Of course, keeping the interface and tools intuitive helps keep the learning curve gentle, too.

If you do need help, we're only an email away for a same-day response.

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Looking for premium support options? Email Mark for pricing.

Plug & play payment methods

Commerce comes with 10 payment gateway integrations — and counting! All available integrations are as plug & play as it gets, in most cases only needing you to enter your API keys before it's ready to launch. Integrations vary from hosted checkout pages to JavaScript tokenization.

Discounts & Coupons

Do your customers need a touch of motivation to complete their purchase? Or want to offer special discounts to your VIPs? Commerce offers a variety of discounting options. Each discount type can be restricted to minimum/maximum order totals, specific product(s) and a point in time.

  • Coupon Percentage Discounts

    Save 20% with coupon SALE on selected products.

  • Coupon Fixed Discounts

    €5 off when spending over €75

  • User Discounts

    VIP gets 15% off for all orders this month.

  • User Group Discounts

    10% off all orders placed by resellers.

Product Pricing & Currencies

Commerce is ready for multi-currency shops, too! Specify product prices in as many currencies as you'd like, and add extra price types to implement sales, quantity discounts, and more.

  • Standard Price

    Each product needs a price for each of your enabled currencies. Commerce picks the right one, based on your (context) settings.

  • Sale Price Type

    Temporary sale? Set the dates and the special price, and Commerce handles it for you automatically.

  • Percentage Sale Price Type

    Set a time-based sale with a discount percentage, so you don't have to do the math.

  • Quantity Price Type

    Give quantity-based discounts to encourage customers to buy in bulk. Automatically reflected in the cart, optionally shown on the product page.

  • User Price Type (new in v1.1)

    Special VIP earned a discount? Simply set per-user pricing for a product and Commerce will figure out the cheapest option.

  • User Group Price Type (new in v1.1)

    Give your resellers, B2B customers, or loyalty program members a special price when they're logged in.

New in v1.3

Released March 2023.

  • Powerful built-in Scheduler for background and scheduled tasks
  • More control over order items in the dashboard
  • Ability to list all products with the get_products snippet
  • Batch order status changes
  • Built-in multilingual capabilities
  • and more

New in Commerce v1.2

Released July 2021.

Learn more about v1.2

  • Refreshed dashboard and statistics
  • Back-end creation of transactions
  • Improved cart performance for orders with over 10 different products
  • PHP8 compatibility

New in Commerce v1.1

Released August 2019.

Learn more about v1.1

  • Updated SCA-ready payment integrations for Stripe and Braintree
  • New Basic Custom Fields module to accept custom fields in the checkout, without coding
  • Support for infinite stock on products
  • Added price types for user and user group pricing

New in Commerce v1.0

Released May 2019.

  • All-new multi-currency pricing
  • Bulk and time-based sale price types
  • Give away free products for qualifying orders
  • Powerful PDF invoice generation
  • Improved dashboard security with automatic XSS filtering

New in Commerce v0.12

Released February 2019.

  • Automatic discounts for users and user groups
  • Restrict dashboard access with new permissions
  • New Product Matrix TV to manage products with 2 attributes
  • Tax summary report to simplify filing taxes
  • Improved custom order fields

New in Commerce v0.11

Released May 2018.

  • Hide shipping step depending on delivery type
  • Apply taxes to shipping costs
  • Make transaction information available in emails and checkout
  • Allow payment methods to be restricted to specific shipping methods
  • Add primary product image
  • Support custom order shipments, and make shipments manageable in the dashboard

Looking for more recent releases? View the full Commerce changelog »

Common questions about Commerce

It already is! Commerce 1.0.0-pl was finally released on May 14, 2019, after being in development for many years, and available in alpha/beta since 2017.

Commerce is priced at €299 per license. A license is valid for one MODX installation, and includes all future 1.x upgrades and our standard email support.

Free development licenses are available for development and for trying out Commerce prior to purchasing a license. We also offer free 30-minute calls if you're looking at Commerce for the first time, and want to make sure it's a good fit for your project or not; send an email to [email protected] to request a call.

We offer discounts for non-profit organisations.

For Commerce we've set slightly higher requirements than our other extras.

  • PHP 5.5+ (7.1+ from July 1st 2019 onwards, 7.2+ recommended)
  • MODX Revolution 2.6 or higher
  • Valid HTTPS certificate and configuration on the website

It is possible to install Commerce without meeting all of these requirements right away, however you will be warned about the lacking configuration on the dashboard, and may not be able of switching the shop to live mode depending on what requirement is missing.

We'll continue providing support for SimpleCart until at least May 14, 2020, which is one year after the official 1.0.0-pl release for Commerce came out.

At that point we will evaluate how much SimpleCart is still being used and how we can best honour existing users. SimpleCart is still in use on hundreds of sites, so we're not going to pull the plug overnight, but phasing out support for SimpleCart is one of the options that will be on the table.

If you're planning a new shop now, we do recommend using Commerce. It's more powerful, more stable, and will be modmore's main focus in the coming years.

You can continue using SimpleCart for the time being; it is supported until at least May 14 2020, we stand behind it.

After May 2020 we'll evaluate the situation and determine a plan for moving forward. While phasing out support for SimpleCart is one of the options on the table, it is not the only possibility and there will be different factors to take into consideration. We're deliberately pushing out making the decision until Commerce has been stable and available side-by-side for a while, to see if there's merit to keeping both around, even if we consider Commerce the better solution for pretty much all use cases.

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Try Commerce entirely free

Choosing the right e-commerce solution is hard. There are dozens of features to consider, integrations to keep in mind, and (unless you're the lucky one!), budget isn't infinite either. You'll be building a business or fundraising effort, so want to be sure the platform is right.

You can try Commerce for free with a free development license. That includes all functionality, with no time limit.

Our e-mail support is also open for you before making your decision. We're more than happy to answer all your questions, providing links or relevant references to help you make an informed decision. And if Commerce is unlikely to be a good fit, we'll tell you too.

Ask us anything.

What people say

What initially made me really like Commerce compared to other commerce solutions was how flexible the template system is. The checkout template included with Commerce is great out of the box already, so it just needed a few aesthetic and mobile tweaks to match our site and the design done. However, if you needed to dramatically change the checkout design all the power is there. Tony Klapatch

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