Redactor is a beautiful, user friendly, and configurable rich text editor for MODX with powerful media management.

Version: 2.3.8-pl

Downloads: 11653

Rated: 4.7/5

Price: € 25 per site

By modmore

Redactor is a clean & user friendly Rich Text Editor, tightly integrated with MODX. It has ridiculously easy image uploads, makes sure the markup is tidy at all times and offers amazing levels of customization through settings and optional plugins.

  • Minimalistic Design

    Less is more! Redactor boasts a simple user interface, with clear and understandable icons, modals and functionality to empower your clients to manage their content.

    Advanced features can be enabled if you need them, so you have full control over what your client can see and do.

  • Customizable & Extendable

    Almost 150 system settings and two dozen plugins make Redactor insanely configurable. Varying from the editor language, the buttons in the toolbar and available formatting tags, all the way through an optional link to email or anchor tabs, automatic video link conversion and what tags to allow. And all of them can be overridden per context, user or group.

  • Clean Markup all the way

    Do your clients paste their content from Word? No worries, Redactor has you covered! Every step of the way, Redactor sweeps up stray tags, dirty attributes and other dirty code to return clean markup. While pasting content essential formatting is kept, but inline styles are not.

  • Backed by years of Rich Experience

    Redactor is a commercial editor brought to you by the team at Imperavi, who have been in the rich text editor business for years. They provide the core editor, and we sprinkle MODX magic on top, maintain plugins and provide support to MODXers looking to use a more user friendly editor.

Redactor looks great within MODX and boasts clarity and ease of use.

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Our clients deploy Redactor to all their projects to minimize support time and empower users to manage their own content easily.


Treigh Pugh

Redactor is that beautiful, powerful and blogger-friendly Rich Text Editor you've always wanted for MODX. Your clients will love it! What makes it even more impressive is the excellent support by modmore. It's been the default editor for all sites I've developed since my first purchase and I'm loving it!


Peter Knight

The first MODX Extra we install on any new site. Clients love the clean interface, the drag-and-drop upload and the ability to plug into media sources. As site builders, the ability to create custom redactor TVs for clients and enable only those editor features we need are a very powerful feature.


Martin Gartner

Redactor is currently the best and easiest to use WYSIWYG editor available for MODX Revolution! It comes packed with features but the interface isn't overloaded! After the testing phase we immediately replaced TinyMCE with Redactor on most client websites. And modmore has added many features since Redactors initial release. A classical no-brainer!


Ben Butler

Since purchasing the unlimited Redactor license we've not set up a MODX site without it. Redactor along with modmore support is a must have for any site.

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