Redactor is a beautiful, user friendly and configurable rich text editor for MODX with powerful media management.

Version 3.2.1-pl

V2 & V3

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Downloads 19,051

Rating 4.7/5

Price €29 per site

Developer modmore

Redactor 3 is here

Redactor is a user-friendly rich text editor, tightly integrated with MODX. Ridiculously easy image uploads, clean markup, full control over formatting and features and a focus on keeping things simple.

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Why use Redactor


Redactor keeps things beautifully simple, without sacrificing functionality and features. Your clients will love it as much as you do.

Take full control

Redactor is fully configurable. Give users access to the options and features they need and nothing more.

The perfect MODX editor

Use Redactor with content, introtext, TVs, ContentBlocks, Fred and other extras. It feels right at home in MODX.

Rated 4.7/5 stars

With dozens of 5 star reviews and thousands of active installs, you can be sure you're in good hands.

Unlimited support

Got an issue? Need pointing in the right direction? Every license includes access to our excellent support.

Redactor 3 upgrade pricing

Redactor 3 is a paid upgrade. The standard upgrade fee is €14.50/license. Upgrade all of your licenses with a single purchase and choose when you want to upgrade each site later. The more licenses you have, the bigger the discount.

The upgrade is free for all purchases after July 1st 2019 and active unlimited license subscribers on January 14th, 2020. If you qualify, no action is required and you can download and use Redactor 3 right away.

For more details on upgrade pricing, please refer to our launch blog post.

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What's new in Redactor 3

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  • A new modern design

    Beautiful to look at and easy to use, with new themes and dark mode

  • Easy link creation

    Tight MODX integration makes linking to resources, email and anchors a breeze

  • ContentBlocks & Fred support

    Design beautiful pages effortlessly with your favorite page builder

  • A powerful configurator

    A new live preview makes customizing a hundred settings easier than ever

  • Customizable image styles

    Clients can make things look great without learning HTML

  • And much, much more

    New formatting options, built-in redo/undo, support for the MODX media browser...

Rated 5 stars

We proudly use modmore's Redactor on all of our websites. Its simple, intuitive layout, is perfect for all types of clients and their respective experience and type of use.

Our feedback is listened to, bugs (if any) are dealt with promptly, and the team at modmore are very approachable. Keep up the good work!

Graeme Leighfield

Founder of Gel Studios

Rated 5 stars

As a professional designer, none of my clients go without redactor as a standard feature in any site I build. Nothing beats the stability, ease of use, flexibility and customization of Redactor. Some say paying for a WYSIWYG isn't worth it, experience and the satisfaction of my clients says otherwise.

Benjamin Morrison

Web Designer

Themes and dark mode

Redactor 3 ships with a new modern look. If you prefer the style of Redactor 2, or would like something a little different, our selection of built-in themes have you covered. Or create your own theme using CSS.

Late night writing session? Use the toggle to switch to dark mode.

Themes for Redactor 3

Icons or text?

While icons look great, they can often be ambiguous to users who aren't pros.

The new text label toolbar is for them. Instead of finding the button with an icon that resembles an image, just click the button that literally says image.

Icon vs text-labeled toolbar in Redactor 3

Powerful configurator

While Redactor is easy to use, it has a large set of features and options that can be customized. A built-in preview updates automatically, making it quick and easy to tweak the editor to your liking.

Export and import functionality allows you to share the configuration with other sites in just a few clicks.

Managing configuration for Redactor in the new Configurator

Easy image uploads and handling

Drag and drop into the editor. Click and browse. Or paste an image URL. Uploading files and images really couldn't be easier.

Uploads are automatically organised with path placeholders; use the resource alias, date or username.

Automatic file name sanitisation and incremental filenames for duplicate uploads. Compatible with third-party plugins like FileSluggy.

Once inserted, you can edit titles, captions, positioning, add a link and choose an image style (class) to apply. Or drag and drop a new image to replace it.

Image options in Redactor, including title, caption, image style, position and URL.
Rated 5 stars

This is the best rich text editor for MODX. We've used it on many many websites and don't even think twice about it anymore.

Jonathan Haslett

Web Designer

Rated 5 stars

Having used several different WYSIWYG editors I can easily say that this is the best and easiest one to use that works great for developers and clients alike. Making it easy to complete lines of code as well as easy to copy and paste content for the client. Highly recommended!!

Rachel Schimelman

Web Designer

MODX media browser support

Redactor 3 now integrates with the standard MODX media browser.

For casual users: a consistent interface they're already used to.

For power users: support for multiple media sources, managing directories and more.

MODX Media Browser available in Redactor 3

Simple browser

Want to restrict what users can do? Then use the Simple Browser for something a little... simpler.

The Simple Browser restricts users to a predefined directory. Images are shown in a simple grid with file information on hover. Files are shown in a list.

Simple Browser available in Redactor 3

Integrates with ContentBlocks

Redactor manages content. ContentBlocks manages pages and layouts.

Together, they're a perfect fit.

Create different fields in ContentBlocks with a matching Redactor configuration set for each.

Simple Browser available in Redactor 3

Integrates with Fred, too!

Using Fred to build pages on the front-end? Redactor has you covered.

Air mode and shortcodes, when combined with Fred, provide a frictionless editing experience.

(Experimental support for Fred 1.1+. May be discontinued without notice. Not all functionality is available in Fred. Finder not supported. Learn more about Fredactor)

Simple Browser available in Redactor 3

Source code editing

The source mode allows users to inspect and edit the generated markup. The editor includes syntax highlighting and basic validation powered by CodeMirror.

The markup can be automatically beautified with proper linebreaks and indentation, making it easier to edit.

Simple Browser available in Redactor 3
Rated 5 stars

The first thing I evaluate in an RTE is how user-friendly it is. If my clients can't figure it out, then forget about it. Redactor has a beautifully simple and clean design that doesn't overwhelm users with a tonne of unnecessary options. It looks like it's native to MODX which is really nice when I'm giving an orientation to my clients.

Jeff Miranda

Web Designer

Rated 5 stars

This is the best RTE I've used. It looks great and works better. Highly customizable as well.

David Willis

Web Designer

Rated 4 stars

I started using Redactor, and have no problems with it at all. Simple little editor, and integrates well with modmore's other plugins. Low footprint, and easy to use, with little to no overhead.

Dave Cruickshank

Web Designer

Rated 5 stars

Redactor is that beautiful, powerful and blogger-friendly Rich Text Editor you've always wanted for MODX. Your clients will love it! What makes it even more impressive is the excellent support by modmore. It's been the default editor for all sites I've developed since my first purchase and I'm loving it!

Treigh Pugh

Web Designer

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