Redactor 3.2 now in pre-release

Redactor 3.2 is now available with a couple of fixes and new functionality:

  • Fix copy/pasting rich content that included link tags getting the manager url prefixed. Redactor will now also clean up any such instances (of links like /manager/[[~2]]) on load. This has been a longstanding issue, so we're excited to finally have a fix available.
  • Add the ability to disable the fixed toolbar in the configurator. You'll find a new checkbox at the bottom of the Toolbar tab. The default behaviour is unchanged.
  • The default protocol when inserting a link without a protocol has been updated from http:// to https://
  • With MODX 3.1 (not yet released), you can insert multiple images from the MODX media browser at once by using ctrl/shift.

As a pre-release, we encourage testing on staging environments before updating production.