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ConsentFriend is a simple but powerful (cookie) consent management platform for MODX. It acts as a privacy and security tool, that controls the usage of third-party services on your website to protect the frontend users.

Version 1.7.2-pl

V2 & V3

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Downloads 1,224

Price €29 per site

Developer Treehill Studio

GDPR-compliant cookie consent management for your MODX website

ConsentFriend helps you comply with the GDPR (also known as DSGVO, AVG, and others) by providing a consent management window to disable/enable third-party services and cookies.

Consent management window

Configuration is quick and easy

ConsentFriend allows you to manage the third-party services easily through the manager. For each service you can provide a visitor-friendly name and description, and group them by purpose (functional, marketing, performance, etc.). By providing the code for the service, ConsentFriend automatically enables it only when the visitor has approved the service or purpose.

You can also target cookies so ConsentFriend can delete cookies set by a service after the visitor chooses to disable it.

Learn more about managing Services

Custom manager page for ConsentFriend

Powered by Klaro!

ConsentFriend uses the open source consent management platform Klaro. Klaro provides the interface and is used to enable services on the frontend, while ConsentFriend provides a user friendly interface for administrators to configure services and to rewrite your HTML where needed.

Ready with a few clicks

ConsentFriend is built for MODX users. Setup is easy and it comes with four themes that are ready to use out of the box.

Once you've set-up your services, you can export the configuration to XML to use on another site with just a few clicks.

Getting started with ConsentFriend

ConsentFriend is a premium extra brought to you by Treehill Studio, the Münsterland (Germany) based agency of MODX core developer Thomas Jakobi.

For questions about ConsentFriend, contact [email protected].
For billing or license related questions, please reach out to [email protected].

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