ConsentFriend 1.5: context-specific services

Today we release ConsentFriend 1.5.0 with a big improvement: different services per context.

From this version you can set in which context which service is active. This allows the consent popup to show and activate different services in each context. To use the option, you need to enable the MODX system setting consentfriend.use_contexts. Then you can select the active contexts in the service editing window (note: by default, no context is active). Also, there is an additional contexts tab on the Custom Manager Page where you can assign the contexts to the respective services.

The other notable changes can be found in the following list:

  • Clear ConsentFriend cache when MODX cache is flushed
  • Inline editing of some columns in the service and purpose grid.
  • Not allowing invalid MODX lexicon strings to break the Klaro lexicon

If you have problems with this version after the update, please let us know!

Thomas Jakobi

Thomas works at Treehill Studio, a digital agency based in the Münsterland, Germany, specializing in individual MODX solutions for companies with special requirements.