The day-to-day creative process in building improvements and bringing new ideas to fruition is hard to plan, especially for a small team like ours. Accurate timelines are also just not our strongest point.

To give you an idea of what we're working on, here's some of the bigger focus points for the next six months or so. Of course we also work on bug fixes and smaller improvements outside of these major initiatives. 

Currently working on

  • Commerce 1.3 (early November)
    • Developer preview is available.
    • Final work slated for 1.3:
      • Finishing payment states refactoring, which is the foundation for core refunds, authorization/capture flows, and better order handling
      • Phase 2 of manual order creation: ability to take payment (in the front-end) for an order created in the back-end
  • Consultancy work: working on some interesting consulting projects currently. Based on outstanding quotes and historic seasonality of consulting work, this will slow down a bit mid-November which will then make more time available for modmore projects again.
  • Launch new Commerce support plans and Agency Partners (September-December)
  • Launch a surprise new premium extra (late November-December)
    • Made something fun during the summer that would make a fun little premium extra, aimed at agencies. It's only 30% done, but will make a great holiday project to finish and release.

Up next

These are projects we expect to start working on relatively soon-ish. 

  • ContentBlocks 2.0 (December-March '23)
    • Complete re-imagination of the user experience. Same creative freedom and power.
    • Additional capabilities and extendability through a better defined content model
  • Video tutorials for MODX and extras (November-January)
    • Part free, part one-fee-to-watch-it-all
    • Short and insightful videos, live recording with light editing
    • On topics ranging from "MODX 101" introductions, to "Extras Spotlight" to showcase specific extras, and dedicated series deep-diving into aspects of Commerce and ContentBlocks
    • Initial launch with a selection of videos in the timeframe mentioned above, steady (monthly-ish batches) extra videos after
  • Subscriptions for Commerce (January-March '23)
  • Replace the legacy checkout on with Commerce (March '23)

Awaiting funding

These are big(-ish) developments we'd like to work on, but currently do not have the time for. With funding, we can grow the team and get these onto the planner. If you'd like to contribute (partial) funding to any of these projects, please get in touch. 

  • VersionX 3
    • Complete rebuild of both UI and data model to greatly reduce database usage
    • Support for versioning third-party models 
    • Partly funded, still need ~€1k in funding
    • Learn more
  • Professional catalog for Commerce
    • Powerful cataloging solution for managing large inventories of products and collections.
    • Powerful taxonomies for categorization
    • Product attributes, linked variations, reviews, and much, much more
    • Requires ~€10k in funding
  • Vouchers (gift-cards) for Commerce
    • Sell gift cards with immediate (pdf) delivery from the webshop
    • Use gift cards in the webshop to pay for orders
    • Create gift cards in the Commerce dashboard for in-store sales
    • Verify and use gift cards for in-store sales through the Commerce dashboard
    • Requires ~2,5k in funding

Last updated on October 19 2022. Let us know if that's been a while and you'd like an update.