The day-to-day creative process in building improvements and bringing new ideas to fruition is hard to plan, especially for a small team like ours. Accurate timelines are also just not our strongest point.

To give you an idea of what we're working on, here's some of the bigger focus points for the next six months or so. Of course we also work on bug fixes and smaller improvements outside of these major initiatives. 

Currently working on

  • Migrating to Commerce
    • This is now live in its first iteration! It will likely be a few weeks until all details are done, and we have some Commerce improvements to prepare and make available that come directly from using it ourselves.
  • Video tutorials for MODX and extras
    • Part free, part one-fee-to-watch-it-all
    • Short (5-15 minutes) and insightful videos, live recording with only some light editing.
    • The system for hosting the videos is done, and hooked up with Commerce immediately with the big migration. Now we need to take our rough notes and start producing the video content.
    • We'll officially launch when a first decent batch of videos on a range of topics are ready, likely end of April or so. After that we aim to release another batch of videos every 1-2 months. The pricing for the premium videos will start low, and go up as more videos are added.
  • VersionX 3 is in the works! It's taking a little longer than expected, but it is progressing nicely and we plan to officially show the first beta release towards the end of March. Of course, all progress is publicly available on GitHub if you can't wait.
  • Auth/Capture support for in Commerce 1.3 (end of March)

Up next

These are projects we expect to start working on relatively soon-ish. Routine maintenance updates are not included in this list as we squeeze those in as needed.

  • ContentBlocks 2.0 (February-June)
    • Complete re-imagination of the user experience. Same creative freedom and power.
    • Additional capabilities and extendability through a better defined content model
    • We're aiming to present a first version in June on modmore's 10 year anniversary.
  • Subscriptions for Commerce (winter '23)
  • Commerce 1.4 and/or separate extensions (TBD)
    • ? Taxonomies
    • ? Read-only API
    • Request client payment for merchant created orders (invoices)

  • Integration with, which will enable using Commerce with a wide range of accounting software solutions - albeit focused primarily on the Netherlands/Benelux. (March-April)

Awaiting funding

These are big(-ish) developments we'd like to work on, but currently do not have the time for.

With some funding, we can get more time from the team and get these onto the planner. If you'd like to contribute (partial) funding to any of these projects, please get in touch. 

  • Professional catalog for Commerce
    • Powerful cataloging solution for managing large inventories of products and collections.
    • Powerful taxonomies for categorization
    • Product attributes, linked variations, reviews, and much, much more
    • Requires ~€10k in funding
  • Vouchers (gift-cards) for Commerce
    • Sell gift cards with immediate (pdf) delivery from the webshop
    • Use gift cards in the webshop to pay for orders
    • Create gift cards in the Commerce dashboard for in-store sales
    • Verify and use gift cards for in-store sales through the Commerce dashboard
    • Requires ~2,5k in funding

Last updated on March 8 2023. Let us know if that's been a while and you'd like an update.