Redactor 3

Ahh... the joys of using a new editor to write a release announcement :)


  • Redactor 3 is now available in public beta
  • Lots of improvements and new features, including support for the MODX media browser and Fred
  • Try it for free with a development license
  • Redactor 3 is a paid upgrade and we have bulk upgrade pricing available

We're super excited to share Redactor 3 with you today. 

We're launching Redactor 3 as a public beta. That means it's safe to use in production (we do ourselves and have done for a while), but it may contain bugs and we recommend testing on a staging environment first.

A new modern design and powerful configurator

If you're coming from Redactor 2, you'll find Redactor 3 a refreshing upgrade. The toolbar has a new modern look and supports more features. If you prefer the visual style of Redactor 2, or would like something a little different, our selection of built-in themes have you covered.

One of our favorite new features is the Redactor Configurator. Here you can tweak the editor to your liking with a built-in live preview.

Screenshot of the Redactor Configurator in action
Editing a configuration set in Redactor 3

Once you've settled on a configuration set that suits the way you want to use Redactor, you can export those settings to an XML file and import it on a different site with just a few clicks.

You can create different configuration sets and then apply these to template variables, the resource introtext, rich text fields in ContentBlocks or even to individual templates or contexts. Check the documentation for more information

A new and improved editor

We've updated the core editor to use Redactor.js v3, which improves stability and has resolved some long-standing issues.

Listing all of the improvements would take too long, so here are a few highlights:

  • you can now use the standard MODX browser to insert files and images, making Redactor fit seamlessly with the rest of MODX
  • images now use <figure> tags by default, including <figcaption> support
  • out-of-the-box support for <sup> and <sub> with dedicated buttons or inline style menu
  • undo and redo toolbar buttons
  • the link window now has a one-input-to-rule-them-all, allowing you to link to resources, plain URLs and email addresses in one simple interface
  • new shortcodes for quick mouse-free formatting
  • replacing images while keeping their captions and classes
  • improved fixed toolbar
  • new image styles to add predefined classes to an image
  • new link styles to add predefined classes to a link
  • MODX 3 support
  • support for new plugins by Imperavi like properties (add a class or ID to any block-level element), widget (inserting complex markup), variables (predefined values that can be inserted but not edited), inlinestyle (to add inline tags like <mark>, <code> and <var>)
  • Redactor 3 also includes experimental support for Fred

You'll also find Redactor 2 favorites in this release as well:

  • powerful cleanup to ensure clean and valid HTML
  • configurable media sources and upload paths, including support for path placeholders
  • autoparsing pasted links, images and videos
  • source syntax highlighting with CodeMirror
  • support for custom formatting, styles and custom plugins
  • linking to anchors
  • positioning images with automatically applied margins

We've tidied up the code base and removed some legacy features, including some of our custom plugins for v2. If you're missing a feature, let us know and we'll see if we can add that in an upcoming release.

Redactor 3 is a paid upgrade

Redactor 3 has a new price of €29 (for both licenses and subscriptions). Existing unlimited subscriptions will keep their current price for as long as that subscription is active.

We're simplifying the upgrade process by allowing account-wide upgrades. Rather than upgrading individual licenses and having to get approval from clients (which would be a pain given some of our customers have hundreds of licenses), we've estimated how many of your licenses are active and then applied a hefty discount. The more licenses you have, the bigger the discount.

Here's the bulk upgrade pricing:

  • Up to 3 licenses: €14.50 per license
  • Up to 7 licenses: €59
  • Up to 12 licenses: €99
  • Up to 34 licenses: €149
  • 35 or more licenses: €199

It's worth noting that you can continue to use Redactor 2 even if you upgrade your license. Just select the desired version in the package manager. Redactor 2 will be supported for another 6 months, starting today.

If you purchased a license after July 1st 2019 or if you had an active unlimited license subscription on January 14th 2020, you'll get the update for free. Your upgraded license(s) have already been applied to your account.

Login and return here to check if Redactor 3 is unlocked on your account.

If you have reason to believe the math doesn't quite add up for your account, please get in touch and we'll take a look.

Want to try Redactor 3 before buying? You can use Redactor 3 for free with a development license.

We hope you enjoy the update! You can learn more about Redactor here. And of course, send your feedback and bug reports to support.