Commerce is a powerful e-commerce solution for MODX, allowing you to sell online exactly the way you want. Install even more functionality with 35+ plug & play extensions, or build your own.

Version 1.5.0-rc2

V2 & V3

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Downloads 1,612

Rating 4.5/5

Price €299 per site

Developer modmore

Pricing for Commerce

Commerce licenses are valid for one website each. We offer single licenses, as well as pre-paid packs of multiple licenses to use for multiple websites.

Licenses for all our Premium Extras include:

  • Free standard support

    Get all your questions answered via our email support, with a same-day response target.

  • Free feature (1.x) and patch (1.x.y) upgrades

    All licenses include free upgrades within the current major version. Major versions typically have a reduced upgrade fee and come out once every few years.

  • Free to try before you buy

    For staging and development environments, you don't need to buy separate licenses.
    Learn more about Free Development Licenses

Have more questions about licensing or Commerce? Check the frequently asked questions, or send us an email.

modbot reviewing your discount request

Discounted non-profit license

Do you work for a non-profit organisation that brings a smile to the world on a tight budget? We're happy to offer a discounted license if your organisation meets the following requirements.

  • Recognised and independent non-profit

    The organisation is registered as a non-profit or charitable organisation in country of origin, and not controlled by (or a subsidiary of) any political party, (political) lobbying group, governmental institute, church, mosque, or other religious/evangelical organisation.

  • Good for good's sake

    The organisation does not promote any particular religious affiliation, dogma, or doctrine as part of its mission, nor in exchange for its services.

  • No discrimination

    The organisation does not discriminate on the basis of gender, race, ethnicity, national origin, religion, political affiliation or beliefs, sexual orientation, or gender identity or expression.

  • Receives commercial services at a discount

    If an agency is building the website for the organisation, their services are volunteered, or include a discount of at least 30% on regular commercial rates. B-Corp certified agencies are exempt from this requirement.

Please send us an email to apply for the discount.

Include (1) your non-profit/charitable registration information; (2) a short summary of the organisation's primary mission; (3) if a third party, the name and email of the technical contact for your project; and (4) whether you are looking to purchase immediately or are only looking to confirm eligibility.

We'll review your request within a few days and, if approved, provide you with a one-time coupon code to purchase the discounted license.

Disclaimer: Viewing non-Euro pricing

You are currently viewing prices in a non-Euro currency. Please be advised that these prices are estimates, based on data by Open Exchange Rates.

While we offer this currency converter hoping our users find it convenient, all purchases are made in Euro, and the final amount charged can vary depending on payment provider, day, time of day and a number of other factors outside of modmore's control. There are no guarantees on accuracy and neither modmore nor Open Exchange Rates can be held liable for errors.