Commerce 1.0 is here

After many years of development and two years of alpha/beta testing, I'm excited (and relieved!) to finally announce the availability of Commerce 1.0.0-pl, the first official stable release. This is a massive milestone we think many people have been waiting for.

To celebrate with us, you can save €100 on a Commerce license this week (expires May 21st).

While this release marks the end of the 0.x era, it's also a new start. Now that we consider Commerce stable and ready to support the majority of shops, it's time to look ahead. We have a lot of ideas for discount and pricing types, integrations, usability, and more. We launched a new feature request tracker and will be using that to plan the Commerce roadmaps moving forward.

The next big release will be the Commerce starter pack we first showed at MODX Amsterdam. We've given that some more features and cleaned up the design some more, and hopefully the package will be ready to install by the end of the week.

As cliché as it may sound, we honestly could not have done this without you, and the amazing MODX community. So, thank you for sticking around, and trusting us with your business.