Big Brother v2.2 adds referrers widget (plus v1.5.2 patch)

Big Brother 2.2 is now available from modmore and MODX package providers. This release adds a new Top Referrers widget, which will show you a list of the top domains referring visitors to your site by page views. 

This release also fixes some bugs, most notably affecting people who have just created a fresh Google Analytics 4 property. Because it's so new, the Google Analytics API did not return both time periods requested, and that broke the Acquisitions widget and in turn the rest of the dashboard. We've now fixed the acquisitions widget, and also improved the error handling in general.

The full changelog for Big Brother 2.2.0:

  • Add new "Top Referrers" widget to show common domain referrals. This is a standalone widget, so add it to your dashboard to use.
  • Catch JS errors when instantiating widgets to avoid subsequent widgets from breaking if one fails
  • Fix error in acquisitions widget if only one time period is returned (i.e. on freshly created properties)
  • Fix incorrect values and comparison arrow in popular pages and top countries widgets
  • Fix "Invalid argument supplied for foreach()" in key metrics widget if only one time period is returned [S29809]

The update is available from both modmore and

For Big Brother v1 users, we've also released v1.5.2 which fixes an installer issue causing a "Vehicle could not be loaded!" error and the necessary assets not being installed. Learn more about v1.5 here.

Have a great weekend!