Schedule your next events from within MODX with Agenda. Create recurring events, multiple calendars, categories and locations, and import events automatically from iCal/XML feeds.

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Schedule your next events from within MODX with Agenda. Create recurring events, multiple calendars, categories and locations, and import events automatically from iCal/XML feeds.

Visualise your Calendar

Take the time, and enjoy a good look at your calendar. With the visual overview of scheduled events, you can immediately see your upcoming and historic events and quickly plan something new.

Toggle quickly between monthly, weekly, or daily views, or a list of upcoming events. Filter on categories, calendars and search by text if you have no more time to spare.

All events welcome

Calendars don't discriminate. Whether an event takes 15 minutes or a full week, occurs only once or every second Wednesday of the month, they're welcome in Agenda and easy to set up.

Agenda supports:

  • Timed and all-day events
  • Single day and multi-day events
  • Recurring event types: daily, weekly, monthly, monthly on a specific weekday, or annually 
  • Configurable recurring interval and optional last occurrence

Import events from iCal/XML Feeds

Already using Google Calendar, or looking to show third party events in your own calendar? With the iCal/XML Feed integration, importing events is as simple as providing the feed URL and choosing what calendar and category to use. 

The feeds automatically refresh at the specified interval using the provided cron job. Once imported, you can edit the event details to your liking.

Your events. Display them your way.

Agenda is built with MODX developers in mind. Using the provided snippets, you can display the events any way you like with extensive chunk-based templating. 

  • Render the next scheduled event on the site homepage
  • List upcoming events, filtered on category, calendar, or between specific start/end dates
  • Show full event details on a separate page
  • Connect events, categories, calendars or locations to resources to offer even more detail

Each event provides a wide range of placeholders to customise the output. If you want to allow your users to browse different calendars at different pages, or filter events on category, you can do that too.

It doesn't matter if you want to manage day-to-day opening hours, company events, gym classes, or all of the above in one - Agenda will save you time and bring your calendar management to a new level.

Frequently Asked Questions

By default repeating events are scheduled for 100 recurrences. 

You have two possibilities to change that:

  1. Setup the cronjob to refresh recurring events automatically for up to 100 recurrences in the future from the current date.
  2. Increase the agenda.repeating_max_occurrance system setting to a larger value.


Agenda comes with a number of system settings. Configure them with a comma separated list of resource IDs to use as parent resources. When set up, a new resource selection field will be added to the edit windows in the manager.

  • For events: agenda.parents_event
  • For categories: agenda.parents_category
  • For calendars: agenda.parents_calendar
  • For locations: agenda.parents_location

Yes, you will need to enter a Google Maps API Key in the agenda.google_maps_api_key system setting to use the map. 

In the project in the Google Cloud Platform console, activate the Maps JavaScript API and the Geocoding API. 

Yes, enable the agenda.debug system setting. A new log will be created in {core_path}/cache/logs/agenda.log with a lot of debug information. 

By default, errors are logged to the standard MODX error log.

If you use Feeds or recurring events, yes, the cron job is required for Agenda to work as expected. 

If your server doesn't allow you to configure cron jobs, you can trigger it through web requests as well using online cron job services. 

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Agenda is a premium extra brought to you by Treehill Studio, the Münsterland (Germany) based agency of MODX core developer Thomas Jakobi.

For questions about Agenda, contact [email protected].
For billing or license related questions, please reach out to [email protected].

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