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Akismet is an advanced spam protection service to analyse form submissions, and block spam across the internet. Our package provides hooks to use it to block spam in FormIt, Register, and Quip forms.

Version: 1.3.0-pl

V2 & V3

MODX Compatibility

Downloads: 101

License: MIT

Build by modmore


Akismet is an advanced spam protection service that uses AI to analyse form submissions. It learns from spam patterns around the web in real-time, and is extremely effective at blocking spam without hindering the user experience with CAPTCHAs.

Originally developed for Wordpress, this open source package integrates Akismet with the MODX extras FormIt, Login (specifically the Register snippet), and Quip

The provided MODX snippet Akismet is used as a hook with FormIt, and a preHook with Register and Quip.

Akismet is free for personal sites or blogs, and requires a paid subscription for use on commercial websites. Learn more about Akismet's subscription model.

Getting Started

Protecting your site can be done in minutes.

  1. Create an Akismet account.
  2. Install the Akismet extra from our package provider.
  3. Paste your Akismet API Key into the akismet.api_key system setting
  4. Depending on the type of form...
    1. For a FormIt form, add "Akismet" to the &hooks property.
    2. For a Register or QuipReply form, add "Akismet" to the &preHooks property.
  5. For both form types, add a few properties to map between your form's field names and the Akismet names. The more fields you can map, the better the spam detection will be. See the full list in the documentation, but at least add:
    1. &akismetAuthor=`name-of-your-name-field`
    2. &akismetContent=`name-of-message-field`
    3. &akismetType=`contact-form` or &akismetType=`signup`
    4. &akismetTest=`1` while testing
  6. No more spam!

Full examples for FormIt, Register & Quip are available in the documentation, as well as a reference of all snippet properties. The source code and issues tracker is available on GitHub.

In Extras > Akismet you can also find a list of all spam checks that have been performed. If a spam message/signup made it through the spam checks, you can override the result to help Akismet improve.

News about Akismet

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