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Dashbored New!

Dashbored is a collection of fun dashboard widgets for MODX3 for when you're bored of your dashboard. It features a weather widget, daily quotes, an extra news feed, SiteDash summary & Extended Monitoring widgets, and the dino game known from Chromium.

Version 1.0.2-pl


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Developer modmore

Don't get bored looking at your dashboard.

The dashboard refresh in MODX3 gives more customisable dashboards. Dashbored gives you 6 new dashboard widgets to mix & match for extra content and joy.

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Dinosaur Game

Known from Chrome/Chromium when you're offline, Dashbored lets you play the dino game anytime! Simply choose your warrior, either the default dinosaur or our very own modbot, and off you go!

Hiscores are saved and can be accessed in the widgets' settings panel. Find out who's the biggest slacker on your team!

Built with wayou/t-rex-runner. News Feed

Stay up-to-date with the latest in MODX from, or customise the extra news feed widget with a RSS feed of your own.

News widget for MODX, part of Dashbored

Daily quote

Want to spruce up your dashboard with some daily motivation? Now you can!

The quotes are automatically refreshed periodically and you can use the refresh button to immediately get back a different quote. Quotes are provided by

Daily quote widget for MODX, part of Dashbored


Regardless of where you are, the Weather widget will show you what to expect. As the widget settings are user-specific, everyone on your team can save their own location and know when to get out the umbrellas or shorts.

Weather info provided through weatherDB.

Weather widget for MODX showing the weather in Leeuwarden, part of Dashbored


See the key SiteDash metrics and health checks on your dashboard, including the latest Lighthouse audit and a quick link to jump into SiteDash from your manager.

To connect your site, navigate to your site in SiteDash, go to Manage & Actions, and create a new Integration Key in the Integration Keys section. Copy the generated key, and paste into the dashbored.sitedash.site_integration_key system setting.

SiteDash widget for MODX showing a summary of the key information about a site.

SiteDash Extended Monitoring

With SiteDash Extended Monitoring, you get uptime monitoring (along with response time, CPU load, and memory usage) for your sites. Each plan includes a number of credits to use Extended Monitoring for free, and any additional sites costs just €0,35-€0,50 per site depending on your plan.

The Extended Monitoring widget shows your uptime, response time (in ms), CPU load, and memory usage for today and the past week.

SiteDash Extended Monitoring widget for MODX showing uptime and response times.

Dashbored is free & available exclusively from modmore

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