Happy Holidays!

I'm not sure about you, but November and December has flown by for me. Actually, most of the past 6 months of running modmore has flown by. From a crazy idea a few years ago, to a real possibility earlier this year and an actual, launched premium extras shop in June. I'd like to share some stats to celebrate, but I'll get to the important news (10% off on everything!) quickly.

  • 391 users have signed up
  • a grand total of 584 licenses have been installed
  • the most licenses were Redactor (384), followed by 121 MoreGallery and 31 SimpleAB licenses.
  • a total of 345 invoices have been processed to date; PayPal is most popular (62%), followed by Credit Card (30%) and iDeal (8%).
  • 438 support tickets with 2.79 replies each have passed through support; 63% had a response time under an hour, 86% within 6 hours and 95% within 24 hours
  • infinite amount of ideas are on the list for 2014

10% Holiday Discount on Everything!

To celebrate six months of modmore and the holiday season, all of our Extras are available at a 10% discount throughout the rest of the year. These prices have been adjusted across the website earlier today:

  • Redactor was €25, but is now only €22,50
  • SimpleAB was €39, but is now only €34
  • MoreGallery was €25, but is now only €22,50

Of course this discount also applies to Bulk & Unlimited licenses, which brings you some really great savings. If you have been thinking of purchasing, say, a MoreGallery unlimited license, you can save over €30! With those savings, you could buy a real life pacman set, have crazy snowball fights in the sun.. or an additional Redactor license, of course. ;)

In-progress Update

While we're nearing the end of the year, we're not nearing the end of what we're working on at modmore by far! Here's a quick rundown:

  • MoreGallery 1.1 with tagging and some import features is in the works right now
  • Really soon all details about the MODX Weekend 2014, modmore's first conference, will become available. The date is September 19-22nd 2014 and it will take place at an awesome venue in the Netherlands
  • We're planning and will soon start working on Redactor 1.4
  • We'll start working on SimpleAB 1.2 with improved analytical features soon
  • VisualContent (what?) is slowly moving along. We're not yet close to a beta unfortunately, but expect to move quickly after the holidays.

At any rate, none of this would be possible without your support and there's plenty more to come in the next months and years. We're just getting started.

And with that, I wish you happy holidays and until next year. :)

(PS: I'm responsible for the snow on the website. Sorry. Couldn't resist!)