Happy Birthday to us!

One year ago today modmore was born. A new concept, a big risk and frankly I couldn't be happier looking back at what we accomplished and where modmore is headed. The team has grown to 6 very awesome people recently, we launched 2 more premium extras, contributed to MODX and sponsored meetups around the world.  

And yet, it still feels like we're just getting started. 

In a year's time we have pretty much created a market that did not exist before. It resulted in just under 600 registered members from 40 different countries using our extras on over 1400 unique MODX sites. Collectively our users spent over €35.000 on purchasing our Premium Extras, which have been installed almost 1300 times (which does not include updates, by the way). We also donated close to €3000 to MODX to support the open source project over the past year.

We have something really big planned to celebrate our one year anniversary with you, and we are almost ready to show you how we're going to be supporting the community this time. We'll be posting teasers on our Twitter and Facebook over the coming week as we ramp up to this big announcement.  

Thank you for your support over the past year. Here's to the next!