ContentBlocks 1.6 is now available

We're glad to announce ContentBlocks 1.6 is now available as stable release. This release comes with 12 new features/improvements as well as some improvements to the accessibility and usability of ContentBlocks.

Here are some of the highlights:

  • Better handling of corrupted content and missing layouts
  • Inserting images can now be done by providing a URL, which will download off-site images to the server
  • Images can also be inserted by dropping them from the file tree into an image or gallery field
  • Repeaters intended for a single row have a slimmed down interface with fewer distractions
  • Improved contrast, some splashes of color instead of fifty shades of grey, more titles/labels, and keyboard support for video browsing among other usability and accessibility improvements

ContentBlocks 1.6 Changelog

ContentBlocks 1.6.0-pl

Released on 2017-01-19

  • Remove console.log statement introduced in rc2

ContentBlocks 1.6.0-rc2

Released on 2017-01-03

  • Fix bug with repeater subfields not being found
  • Fix bug with getLayoutFields which resulted in incorrect fields being returned if a layout contained a nested layout field
  • Related to getLayoutFields bug fix, test if we're in a "repeat layout" event when adding layout fields; if so, don't show the "add layout" modal

ContentBlocks 1.6.0-rc1

Released on 2016-12-23

New features & improvements:

  • Add ability to insert images by providing a url; images are downloaded to the server [#351]
  • Hide Delete Item button on repeaters that have a fixed number of items [F392]
  • If repeaters are set to a fixed number of 1 item, the item collapse button is also hidden [F392]
  • Add checkered background for transparent images [S9968]
  • Add support for the gallery input type in &innerLimit property of the cbGetFieldContent snippet [S9985]
  • Ctrl/Cmd clicking a video search result will open it in a new tab
  • Attempting to delete the default layout or field will show an error [#436]
  • Ability to drag files from the file tree into image/gallery fields [#179]
  • Internal dependencies (jquery, file upload, typeahead libs) have been updated [#433]
  • Add defaults_allowed_inputs setting to manage which input types are available as field targets in default templates [S10491]
  • Add show_resource_option setting, disable it to hide the "Use ContentBlocks" option on resources [#280]
  • Show clear warning when layouts can not be found when generating the content to prevent broken pages [#405]

Accessibility/usability-related improvements:

  • Fix missing focus styles on selects, text inputs and radio/checkbox [#429]
  • Hide "x" from screen readers when accompanied by a textual label, like "delete" [#425]
  • Add title/aria-label to close modal button [#425]
  • Add higher contrast hover/focus indication for "Add Content Here" button [#426]
  • Add title/aria-label to move layout up/down buttons [#424]
  • Add title/aria-label to "Add Content Here" button [#420]
  • Change button hover/focus styles to ensure enough contrast [#427]
  • Button hover/focus styles for destructive actions are now in red
  • Clean up formatting in tinyrte link modal
  • Clean up styling in add content/layout modal
  • Video search results can now be navigated with the keyboard [#390]

Bug fixes:

  • Fix possible broken canvas caused by textarea field
  • Fix positioning of loading mask on fields
  • Prevent E_NOTICE for repeater subitems that have been removed [S10493]
  • Fix comma-separated select/radio setting values preselecting the wrong options [S9748]
  • Add missing contentblocks.file.upload_path setting [S10614]
  • Fix parsing issue in cbGetFieldContent where nested items don't get processed first
  • Fix paste cleanup in IE11
  • Fix default media sources working in multi-context setups [#434]