Monitor your MODX sites with SiteDash

Many of our users work at agencies, or as freelance developers or designers, and have built or been involved with dozens of sites over the years. That's a lot of sites to monitor. Just keeping track of MODX, PHP or installed Extra versions can take up a huge amount of time.

We’ve been working on a project to help you deal with that: SiteDash.

SiteDash is a service that monitors your MODX sites. After verifying a site, SiteDash will monitor it multiple times per day to check the MODX version, installed Extras, number of users, and all sorts of other data, all accessible in an easy-to-use dashboard. When a problem is detected, you’ll get an alert so you can fix the issue.

We currently have alerts that ensure the core folder is properly locked down, that you didn't accidentally leave the setup folder after an upgrade, and it also checks the file size of your error log to make sure it doesn’t get too large. We’ll be adding more alerts and functionality over the coming weeks/months.

SiteDash is available in a public alpha right now. We have some work to do on the design and we still have plenty of features to add, but with over 50 alerts it is already helping people keep their sites secure and running smoothly. Sign up for a free trial to take it for a spin and let us know what other features you'd like to see added.

Learn more about SiteDash