Celebrating 5000 sales

On Monday, we hit the milestone of 5000 sales. 

Since launching in 2013, 1000 paying customers from all around the world have put their trust in modmore to provide them with quality premium extras for MODX. I'm really proud of those numbers – and that modmore is still going strong 6 years and counting. 

To celebrate this milestone, you're welcome to join us for a few drinks on Friday.

We're also doing a flash sale on ContentBlocks, our best-selling extra responsible for 30% of those 5000 sales. 

Until Friday at 22:00 UTC, you can pick up these two special deals:

  • Single License from €79 for €55 (-30%)
  • 5-License Pack from €395 for €250 (-36%)

The 5-license pack is not a standard license pack and will only be available until the sale ends.