MoreGallery v1.9 supports Vimeo domain-level privacy

We've just released MoreGallery v1.9, a small feature release.

The primary new function in this release is support of domain-level privacy when importing videos from Vimeo. This works by including your site url in the request, allowing Vimeo to determine if the embed is allowed on that domain. Enable the new moregallery.vimeo_provide_referer system setting to use this feature.

In v1.9, MoreGallery also starts sharing technical implementation information which will help us get a better picture of how people use MoreGallery. When installing the update, you'll be asked to confirm how much (if any) data you are comfortable sharing by setting the data consent level. More information about how this works and what exact data is shared at specific levels is available in the documentation.

Finally, this release fixes a bug that could cause a fatal error when images were loaded but the resource type changed.

Also please note that as of July we require at least PHP 7.1 for our extras, including MoreGallery.