Introducing ConsentFriend

Today we're launching a new extra: ConsentFriend!

ConsentFriend was built by Thomas Jakobi of Treehill Studio to help you manage (cookie) consent on your sites. It comes with a page in the manager where you configure services on your site, which then builds upon the open source Klaro! library to build the front-end cookie/consent banner to your visitors.

With this integration in MODX and providing the initialisation script of each service in ConsentFriend, it automatically makes sure it is only initialised when the visitor has accepted the service to be used. ConsentFriend can also remove (same-site) cookies for services that are disabled. 

ConsentFriend costs €29 per license, but to celebrate the launch you can grab licenses for only €19 each until December 5th. There are also multi-license packs and unlimited subscription options available, see all pricing here. As with all Premium Extras on modmore, support is included, and provided by Treehill Studio.

Learn more about ConsentFriend