Visit Heidelberg this June for the MODXpo 2020

If you were at the SnowUp you already know, but it's official: the next MODXpo is happening June 4-5 in Heidelberg, Germany!

Of course modmore will be represented, and we're actually the first confirmed Gold Sponsor, the hosts of this MODXpo, have also asked me to help with attracting new and interesting speakers to fill up the 2-day schedule with interesting talks and workshops. I've started reaching out to a few people and the first speakers will be announced soon, but I'd love to hear from you if you know anyone that would be a great fit—especially people from typically underrepresented groups! Check out the call for proposals, and get in touch

We're also going to try and get something new and exciting ready to share at the conference. It's a big project with still a lot of work left before we're comfortable showing it, and time is a little shorter than we'd like, but hopefully we'll have a "first peek" ready by June. If not, we'll sponsor an extra round of drinks at the after party to make up for it. ;)

So, if you're interested in the various MODX and web development talks, or just want to watch us fail to get the first peek ready in time and join us for an extra round of drinks, grab your tickets here

P.S.: If you work with MODX professionally, please consider sponsoring the event. It's a non-profit event, and is working really hard to keep it affordable and accessible, for which more sponsors are needed!