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VersionX • Changelog

This page contains the changelog for the SiteDash Client package. Some of these releases have only been available through the Pre-releases Channel in the package provider, which is indicated per release, while others are distributed to everyone. To receive Pre-releases, enable it for specific API Keys in your account.

Also see the SiteDash Changelog for more updates to the dashboard.

SiteDash Client 1.1.1-pl

Released on 2019-04-24

Released on 2019-04-24

  • Include the DSN (database name and server) in the system information, to allow detecting changes

SiteDash Client 1.1.0-pl

Released on 2019-02-28

Released on 2019-02-27

  • Backups will now be compressed into a zip file to preserve space
  • Return the upgrade logs when checking php executable fails
  • Catch error when creating a new process [S19510]
  • Fix unpacking the MODX zip on servers with NFS [S19512]
  • Fix root files being placed in a deeply nested directory instead of the root [#65]

SiteDash Client 1.0.2-pl

Released on 2019-02-25

Released on 2019-02-25

  • Log the used PHP executable before running the upgrade
  • Log if the PHP executable couldn't be determined and it's falling back to "php"

SiteDash Client 1.0.1-pl

Released on 2019-02-22

Released on 2019-02-22

  • Add check for the proc_get_status function; without it, we can't check the status of the executed command
  • Make sure a failed backup sets the proper response code
  • Prevent fatal error in refresh when the database connection is unavailable

SiteDash Client 1.0.0-pl

Released on 2018-12-10

Released on 2018-12-10

  • Downgrade symfony/process to 3.4.20 to support PHP 5.5.9+
  • Provide the server with the assets_url to automatically support non-standard assets directories
  • Backup process no longer depends on exec(), instead using proc_open (like upgrade) which has some wider server support

SiteDash Client 1.0.0-rc4

Released on 2018-11-29 (Pre-releases Channel)

Released on 2018-11-29

  • Try to automatically find the mysqldump executable before accepting the mysqldump_binary setting
  • If the php executable can't automatically be determined, use simply php and assume it's available
  • Check if the exec() function is available before trying the backup

SiteDash Client 1.0.0-rc3

Released on 2018-11-28 (Pre-releases Channel)

Released on 2018-11-28

  • Use Symfony/Process to run the setup for better security and stability
  • Increase download timeout from 15 to 90 seconds

SiteDash Client 1.0.0-rc2

Released on 2018-11-27 (Pre-releases Channel)

Released on 2018-11-27

  • Loosen shell escaping to prevent issues with complex passwords not working for the backup
  • Fix incorrect default for sitedashclient.php_binary setting
  • Fix upgrade on advanced distributions where the core folder has been moved or a custom config key is used

SiteDash Client 1.0.0-rc1

Released on 2018-11-26 (Pre-releases Channel)

Released on 2018-11-27

  • First beta version of upgrading the MODX core!
  • Make sure invalid requests still return a valid JSON response
  • Add file hasher to use for validating upgrades and for keeping an eye on files changing unexpectedly
  • Add backup command to create a local backup of the database and critical files
  • Settings for PHP and mysqldump binaries to use

SiteDash Client 0.7.0-pl

Released on 2018-08-02

Released on 2018-08-02

  • Make sure that packages have their names normalised when being loaded to fix inconsistencies
  • Update default server url to the new domain
  • Now also reports the core path, base url/path and connectors url/path

SiteDash Client 0.6.0-pl

Released on 2018-07-24

Released on 2018-07-24

  • Public release. Can update itself, too!

SiteDash Client 0.6.0-rc1

Released on 2018-07-24 (Pre-releases Channel)

Released on 2018-07-24

  • Implement remote package upgrades
  • Prevent E_WARN getting logged to the error log if disk_free_space or disk_total_space is in the disabled functions

SiteDash Client 0.6.0-rc2

Released on 2018-07-24 (Pre-releases Channel)

Released on 2018-07-24

  • Test release.

SiteDash Client 0.5.0-pl

Released on 2018-05-29

  • Add session table health check to refresh
  • Add a repair table command to allow the session table, and others, to be remotely repaired from SiteDash
  • Add a database check that looks at all database tables for their status and used collations
  • Fix the namespace assets_path not being set correctly (even though that's not used anywhere)

SiteDash Client 0.5.0-dev1

Released on 2018-03-21 (Pre-releases Channel)

  • Add session table health check to refresh
  • Add a repair table command to allow the session table, and others, to be remotely repaied
  • Add a database check that looks at all database tables for their status and used collations

SiteDash Client 0.4.2-pl

Released on 2018-02-28

  • Fix overwriting authentication on upgrade to 0.4.1 (only for installs from [S16309]

SiteDash Client 0.4.1-pl

Released on 2018-02-25

  • Fix "core out of webroot" check causing false negatives.

SiteDash Client 0.4.0-pl

Released on 2017-11-22

  • Now supports downloading the error log contents
  • Client Version is now reported to SiteDash so it can detect what features are available

SiteDash Client 0.3.1-pl

Released on 2017-09-26

  • Now also includes the core folder if it isn't outside the webroot, so the server can check if it's protected when renamed

SiteDash Client 0.3.1-dev1

Released on 2017-09-23

  • First packaged build

SiteDash Client 0.3.0-pl

Released on 2017-09-23

  • First packaged build

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