Consults Terms & Conditions

This document contains the terms and conditions specific to the Consults offering, that can be purchased from this page. The terms and conditions outline the agreement between the Consultee (the person ordering a consult), and the Provider (a member of the modmore team).

The Consults Agreement is entered when Consultee places an order via the website and completes payment via one of the available online payment methods.

1. Refunds

The Consults service is non-refundable, except for the specific situations in this agreement that state otherwise. No refunds will be available after the consult has commenced.

2. Scheduling and Cancellations

Based on the information provided by the Consultee in their order, Provider will provide at least two possible timeslots for the consult or a link to an online calendar in which the Consult can be scheduled. In the event where Consultee and Provider are unable of reaching an agreement regarding the consult timeslot despite mutual best efforts, Consultee has the right to a refund for their order.

If Consultee is unavailable at the agreed timeslot without notice at least three hours in advance, their consult will be voided without refund or rescheduling. If Provider is unavailable without advance notice at least three hours in advance, Consultee has the right to a refund OR rescheduling of the consult.

Consults can be rescheduled at most three times per order per party as long as the request for rescheduling was communicated at least three hours before the scheduled timeslot. A fourth request to reschedule by Consultee results in their Consult order voided without refund or rescheduling. A fourth request to reschedule by Provider results in the Consultee having the right to a refund OR one final rescheduling of the consult.

If technical issues at the time of the consult prevent the consult from starting or continuing within the first 15 minutes, the consult may be rescheduled. If either party has to leave a consult in progress due to an emergency (as defined by something that cannot reasonably be dealt with at a later time), the remainder of the consult if it is at least 30 minutes can be rescheduled.

3. Consult Contents and Extensions

During the consult, Provider will attempt to answer any questions and request for feedback from Consultee to their best effort. Provider is not obliged to respond to questions or calls for feedback it finds uncomfortable, unreasonable, too large or complex for the time remaining, morally unjustifiable, or otherwise inappropriate for the medium or remaining consult time. These situations, or the inability to answer in a satisfactory matter do not provide Consultee the right to a refund.

Provider may ask for more information or access privileges in advance of the Consult to be better prepared, however Provider is not obligated to have performed specific research or preparation before a Consult. Consultee has the right to decline providing additional information or access privileges.

The consult will be performed over a call or video call connection and will last at most 1 hour. If after 1 hour Consultee would like to add a second hour to the consult, this may be possible by the Consultee ordering a second consult via the website, but ONLY when agreed with Provider. In the event of an extension, both Consultee and Provider remain connected to the (video) call while Consultee places the order and completes the payment. If placing the order or payment takes longer than 10 minutes, either party can cancel the extension.

Should the consult take longer than the agreed time, Consultee agrees to pay an overage fee of € 50 excluding applicable VAT per fifteen minutes, or € 75 excluding applicable VAT per fifteen minutes for urgent consults, after Provider indicated the time was up. Overage fees are due within 14 days. Provider reserves the right to decline scheduling requests, including in a situation where an overage fee has not been paid in full.

4. Non-disclosure of Confidential Information

Each party agrees to hold the disclosing party's confidential information in strict confidence, where confidential information is defined as (a) either reasonably expected to be confidential (such as login information, transactional details and critical business information) or (b) the disclosing party has indicated the information to be of confidential nature.

Each party agrees not to disclose any confidential information to third parties without the prior consent of the disclosing party. Each party agrees not to use any confidential information for any purpose except for the disclosing purpose without the prior consent of the disclosing party. Each party agrees to exercise at least the same care in protecting the disclosing party's confidential information from disclosure as the receiving party uses with regard to its own confidential information, but in no event less than reasonable care.

5. Additional Terms and Conditions and Addendums

This document is part of the Terms of Service which contains the agreement under which, among others, usage of the website, user registrations and purchases are governed.

The Consult Terms and the Terms of Service may change at any time without prior notification. The Consult terms have been last updated on 0.