Unlimited License Subscriptions

This document is part of the modmore Terms of Service.

The Unlimited License Subscription is a monthly subscription product, which provides the client with an unlimited number of licenses for one or more of the modmore Premium Extras for a simple monthly payment. The client will be able to install as many licenses as they wish while the subscription is active as long as the Premium Extra License Terms are followed.

The subscription is governed by a fair use policy and may be cancelled by modmore if a client is believed to be acting against the spirit of the unlimited subscription, which is offering agencies a cheaper option to use our premium extras on sites they build in an ongoing fashion. While there is no hard limit on the number of licenses that may be created from a subscription monthly, the fair use policy covers a reasonable number of licenses for sites built while the subscription is active. An example of what is not covered by the unlimited subscription is installing a large number of licenses in a short period of time before cancelling. If modmore believes a client to act in bad faith to deliberately "game the system", modmore may also revoke any created licenses or terminate the clients' account.

The subscription is charged monthly on the same day of the month as the last renewal, or the last day of the following month (for example, a subscription that was renewed on January 30th will be renewed on February 28th, and March 28th after that). 

If the subscription fails to renew and the client does not resolve the payment issues on a reasonable term, the subscription will expire and associated benefits removed. 

Should a client wish to cancel an Unlimited License subscription, this is possible at any time from the Subscriptions page in the Account section of the website. The subscription will be marked as cancelled instantly, with the associated benefits remaining available until the end of the current subscription interval. If a client starts a new subscription, any benefits or discounts from the cancelled subscription will not carry on to the new subscription. After the subscription expired, individually assigned licenses remain valid for use on the site they were created on.

Disclaimer: Viewing non-Euro pricing

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