Win a MODXpo ticket!

You may or may not have seen the announcement already, but yes, it's that time of year again. MODXpo time!

This year a committee consisting of German ambassadors, the MODX team and myself are leading the way to the biggest and most awesome MODX conference ever. There will be two days of sessions at a fantastic location in Cologne's Media Park on November 1st and 2nd 2013.And guess what.. modmore will be there too! As a sponsor, I'll be bringing along modmore swag, coupons and maybe even some stroopwafels, as if there wasn't enough reason to attend the event. :)

You can purchase tickets right now, but.. you can also win a free MODXpo ticket!

Win a MODXpo ticket (or modmore credit)!

To celebrate the awesome that is MODXpo, I'm giving away one free MODXpo ticket, 1 x €25 and 1 x €10 modmore credit to three lucky winners.

How do you win? Get creative! I want to something creative that includes modmore or the logo. This can be in any form or shape: from a haiku, a drawing or an instagram of a pizza with the {+} logo in peperoni... it's up to you. The 3 most creative entries will be rewarded with one of the three prizes:

  1. One ticket to the MODXpo conference in Cologne, November 1st and 2nd 2013 (full access to the 2 day conference; no travel or accommodation included).
  2. € 25 modmore credit
  3. € 10 modmore credit
Here's how it works:
  1. Make sure you have an account on Sign up here.
  2. Come up with a great idea and execute it.
  3. Email [email protected] on or before September 1st 2013 with your entry. In your email, make sure you include your modmore username! The entry can be provided as a link if you published the entry publicly, or attached to your email.
  4. The three best entries will be contacted via email and the winning entries will be announced on the blog on or before September 10th 2013.

If you're unable to attend the conference (or already have a ticket), you can still take part in the contest! There is an alternative €50 credit prize for the most creative entry if the winner is unable to attend. The ticket will then be awarded to the 2nd or 3rd most creative entry, or a randomly picked contestant if none of the top 3 are able to attend. Multiple entries per person are allowed, but only one prize may be awarded per person.

So, get your creative hat on and send in your entries and win that ticket!