New: Pay with a CreditCard

Originally the plan was to launch modmore with 3 payment gateways: PayPal, iDeal (direct debit for Dutch customers) and Credit Cards. The actual gateway integration has been completed for a while now, but in all the excitement of working on the last pieces required to launch (and the thrill afterwards), I kinda forgot to fill in and process a bunch of paperwork required to start accepting live transactions... oops, my bad.

As we already had PayPal working, and it allowed guest payments with a creditcard, it was not a big deal - but definitely far from awesome. So as of right now, you can now easily and most important safely checkout with your credit card, without needing to use PayPal. We accept MasterCard, Visa and Maestro and 3D Secure is also supported.

Paying with a credit card is now super easy. Choose the Credit Card option on the invoice, fill in your card number, security code and expiry date, and click Pay Now.

Under the hood we're using PayMill to power the credit card handling. This means your credit card details never hit our server, but are instead validated and processed by a JavaScript API connecting to PayMill over a secure connection. The only thing we see is a token to charge your credit card with. This is quite similar to how Stripe works, which has been a popular choice in the USA and Canada, however PayMill is available for European merchants as well.