Redactor 1.1 now available

Two weeks after launching modmore, our first minor upgrade is now available for you in the form of Redactor 1.1.0. The update is available right now from Package Management in your MODX installation. This release fixes a number of bugs identified by our users in the past weeks, as well as adding some really nice features people have suggested.

First of all, Redactor 1.1.0 has been upgraded to use the official Imperavi Redactor 9.0.2 release, which has fixed a number of editor related bugs you have reported to us. This includes the inconsistent behaviour of the link insert/edit modal and the odd removal of list items when switching between ordered and unordered lists.

New Features

  • Add full screen mode, controlled by the redactor.buttonFullScreen setting (enabled by default). The new button is on the right side of the toolbar. [#33]
  • Add ability to display image names under images (disabled by default). Use the redactor.displayImageNames setting to enable this feature. [#55]
  • Properly minify and cache bust javascript files to improve loading speed and make updates smooth. [#61, #58]
  • Add new Browse tab in the insert file modal to browse for existing files on the server. Controlled by the redactor.browse_files setting (enabled by default) [#40]
  • Add redactor.image_browse_path and redactor.file_browse_path settings that lets you browse images/files outside the image/file_upload_path. [#60]
  • Add redactor.linkResource setting to hide the Resource tab in the link window [#38]
  • Show warning when no files existing in the image/file_browse_path. [#41]
  • Add escaping of unsafe characters in uploads, and redactor.cleanFileNames setting to enable/disable this behaviour (enabled by default). [#50]
  • Add ability to bypass PhpThumb for displaying thumbs in the image browser. If you have a lot of images per folder, having PhpThumb resize them can demand a lot of server resources, and downloading original images and resizing them in the browser would at least treat the server nicely. Controlled with the redactor.dynamicThumbs setting (enabled by default). [#66]

Bug Fixes & Enhancements

  • Fix console error when opening certain modals [#56]
  • Fix bug in link options modal [#65]
  • Fix potential broken manager pages when using the Redactor TV type [#62]
  • Properly minify and cache bust files to prevent cache issues [#58, #61]
  • Improve jQuery conflict handling if you use other plugins that register jQuery as well.

Big props to JP DeVries, the lead developer on Redactor, for all the great additions in this release. You can update existing Redactor installs right now via your Package Management, 1.1.0 should be offered as an update. If you have not yet purchased Redactor, check it out!

Update: Redactor 1.1.1 and 1.1.2 are available as of 2013/07/03. These releases finally fix the issue with iframe mode and an additional bug with editing inserted links.

In other news..

Since launching modmore a few weeks ago, the feedback I received about the modmore concept has been super awesome! I think everybody agreed premium extras is something we need for MODX, and with almost 150 registered users I think there is a solid base to grow modmore.

Introducing Release Channels

Last weekend a new feature called Release Channels was launched. This feature enables you to, on a per API Key basis, decide if you just want the stable releases or also pre-release versions via package management. There's some more interesting uses for this functionality we'll talk about in the future. As the feature is only a few days old and we just pushed Redactor 1.1.0, there are no pre-releases in the release channel yet, but expect there to be soon.

What we are working on

A lot of exciting things are in the pipeline and I can't wait to get all of it your way. My current priorities include:

  • Bulk licenses with discounts up to 50%, as well as an unlimited license for a fixed fee. Launching within the next few weeks.
  • The third modmore premium extra is nearing beta and looking stunning. Follow modmore on twitter or like the facebook page to be the first to get teasers. The beta will launch within the next few weeks, with a public launch following shortly.
  • A support forum to provide a platform for user-to-user support and more general discussions. Launching sometime in Q3.
  • A demo site with public backend access, so you can play with our toystools before requiring a purchase. Launching when it's done!
  • Updates for HandyMan and VersionX in the next few weeks.

Introducing SkyToaster

SkyToaster, which provides MODX hosting and development, has stepped up their MODX game and offered to sponsor the modmore server/infrastructure needs.

On top of the hosting, they have provided us with a really cool custom development piece for our demo site, which enables us to develop the demo site in a secured copy, which is then processed and pushed to the public demo site by simply clicking a button. The public demo site also resets itself to a known state every so often to keep it clean and functional. Although we have not yet launched the demo site, this provides us with a super easy yet powerful workflow for it. Thanks guys!

If you're looking for a new host, I recommend you check them out soon. They are offering 25% off on all managed VPS with coupon code FLTX25 until July 31st. The coupon code is only valid for their Dallas and Tampa locations, but they offer servers throughout the United States and also in London (UK) and Rotterdam (NL).