Redactor 1.3 finally available

On August 5th, one day before we released Redactor 1.2, the Imperavi developers released version 9.1 of the editor. It shipped with some awesome features, including drag and drop image uploads, better scaling functionality, ability to move images across text and link parsing.

Of course we immediately began working on bringing these features to your MODX sites. I remember being so excited about pasting images I had it working with Media Sources right after Imperavi introduced the feature; version 1.3 was born. I was copying images right out of Photoshop and pasting them into Redactor which automatically uploaded and pasted them into my site. So awesome!

Despite our best efforts, it took until today to release a stable version that we believe is ready for use in all your MODX sites. A great deal of work, testing, and back and forth with Imperavi went into getting this noteworthy update available in your Package Manager. That's why when you ask us when the next release is going to be available you will probably get an answer something like "most likely not in the past".

What's new in 1.3?

Below you will find a video created by Imperavi highlighting some of the new features in Redactor 9.1. It shows just how easy it is to insert images from pretty much any source, and also shows the new link parsing.

On top of the new features brought to you by Imperavi, here's some of the highlights for Redactor 1.3:

  • Added sanitizePattern and sanitizeReplace settings to tweak the image upload file sanitisation
  • Improve loading Redactor in custom components.
  • Default redactor.css setting to the value of the core editor_css_path setting if it is not set
  • Numerous bug fixes.

Why it took so long

On September 9th we released the first pre-release of Redactor for MODX 1.3, shipping with the official Redactor 9.1.3. Over 100 of you have joined the pre-release channel for access to our latest pre-releases and a lot of testing happened since. You found some crazy bugs that I’m sure turned at least a few of my hairs grey. And each time we got close to a public release, Imperavi introduced an update fixing bugs and adding new features - fixes and features we really wanted to get into our release too. We updated from 9.1.3 to 9.1.4 to 9.1.5 and finally to 9.1.7 - all in the pre-release channel. I even had to bribe Jan Peca into fixing S3 Media Sources in MODX Revolution 2.2.9.

That said, you can imagine my excitement in finally announcing Redactor 1.3 and all the new shiny features are available for all. :) To get the latest features simply update through Package Manager. We hope you enjoy this latest release and as always thanks for supporting modmore!