SimpleAB 1.1 now available

I'm glad to announce the immediate availability of SimpleAB 1.1, bringing some helpful features to your native A/B testing. Along with this release, I'm also dropping the price of SimpleAB from €49 to €39 per license.

What's new

This release brings a couple new features to make managing your A/B tests easier, especially on larger sites, and to easier integrate with Google Analytics for more data mining.

  • Added support for defining ranges of resource IDs ("5-15") and children of a certain parent ("5>") with template tests, to allow tests to run in entire sections of the site without adding each resource ID specifically.
  • A new simpleab.ga_custom_var (or simpleab.ga_custom_var.test_ID) placeholder is now available for super easy integration with Google Analytics.
  • Added ability to lock down the component so only statistics are available for specific user groups with a new simpleab.admin_groups setting.
  • Added double click actions to the component grids for quick access to the default action.

Under the hood, there has also been a fairly substantial refactor related to the storage of picks (page views) and conversions. Based on feedback from one of our users with many thousands of views and hundreds of conversions per day, it became fairly obvious that the accumulated data (at some point in the millions of rows) was becoming a problem. SimpleAB 1.1.0 stores summaries of the data instead per day, which results in a huge reduction of stored data. The upgrade will migrate data automatically, however if you find that the upgrade hangs, it is possible there is too much data for the upgrade to process and PHP times out. If that happens for you, please contact [email protected] and I'll help run the migration manually.

Dropping the price to €39

Pricing stuff is hard, and I think SimpleAB may have been priced too steep. It's not a full blown marketing suite with all the bells and whistles that come with the big names in the field, but meant as an accessible and native solution for split testing in MODX. The new price of €39 (a 20% reduction from the sale price of €49) is aimed to communicate that and make it more accessible for those people that take their site seriously and want to push the conversion rates up without breaking the bank.

Everyone that has purchased SimpleAB before today has been credited the difference in price already. This price change is also reflected in the license packs and unlimited licenses. See SimpleAB pricing here.