Volume & Unlimited Licenses

Some of you make a lot of sites each year, and - before modmore actually, like, launched - a lot of people were already asking me about volume or unlimited licenses for whatever I was going to offer with modmore.

Today, I'm very glad to announce we have launched both volume and unlimited pricing for all of our premium extras, including Redactor and SimpleAB, through something called License Packs.

Basically, when you purchase a premium extra, you will notice the purchase page got a bit of a makeover. Simply choose a license pack that suits your needs (currently you can pick 1, 5, 10 or 15 licenses, or unlimited) and you will notice it automatically updates the Review section. The bigger the license you choose, the more discount you get on the purchase - varying from 10% on the 5 license pack, to 30% off from the normal price when you buy 15 licenses and infinite discount on the unlimited pack, depending on how often you use the package!

The all new Review section shows you exactly what your purchase costs, how much discount you get, if and how much credit, affiliate credit and deposits get applied, and finally, how much you will need to pay to get the license pack you chose. This is all updated on the fly as you choose the license pack, which I think is really cool.

As always, all purchases come with a year of support.

Also announced today: the all new MoreGallery premium extra reaches beta!