[UPDATED!] Discontinuing ContentBlocks

Over the past few days we have at last started inviting people to the ContentBlocks beta. Getting to the beta has not been easy and a lot of work, and unfortunately the past few days have shown that ContentBlocks is seriously flawed and not what people need. We have received dozens of support requests, bug reports and feature requests that shows we are ways of what people are looking for.

Initial calculations have shown that, in order to transform ContentBlocks into what people want are looking for, we will need to spend over 400 hours of development. This is a serious amount of work that we at modmore cannot currently commit to. 

As a result, we have decided to discontinue ContentBlocks development, effective immediately. While we will continue to assist people with uninstalling ContentBlocks as we have done over the past few days, there will be no more updates and we are taking down all documentation and references to ContentBlocks by the end of the week. 

We understand that many of you - who have not yet gotten your hands on the beta - will be disappointed to hear this, but we felt it was best to announce this today. There's no point in delaying the inevitable. Sorry.


It was April 1st and we had to do something to make your heart skip a beat, so we did the most evilest thing we could come up with: pretend we were quitting building the revolutionary ContentBlocks.

We're sorry to play with your feelings like this. To make it up with you, we just pushed an really big update (0.9.0) for beta testers with several new features & improvements, such as:

  • Layout Settings, allowing the editor to add classes or other tweaks to layouts
  • Adding conditions for when specific Fields & Layouts are available (including resource ID, template, context etc)
  • Choose existing images to add to a Gallery input
  • Now uses Ace in editing Field and Layout templates when installed
  • Add Entities property to the Code input to make it easier to display code and MODX tags

Also, for the record, people have been super duper excited and encouraging about ContentBlocks. We're super stoked to make this the best extra we can, and your encouragement and feature requests are a great help. There's definitely a lot of features and improvements we want to add, but there's no way we're discontinuing ContentBlocks. Promise.