First Berlin MODX Meetup: March 27th

I'm proud to announce that modmore is sponsoring the first ever MODX meetup in Berlin! It is being organised by MODX Ambassador (and designer responsible for the modmore site) Christian Seel and will take place on March 27th, at 7pm.

There are two planned presentations at this meetup, which are both related to content editing. The first one, by Christian, is all about rich content using ContentBlocks (including a live demo), and is followed by an introduction to using Textile in MODX to write content without a rich text editor presented by Erhard Maria Klein. The rest of the evening is all about sharing experiences and MODX discussions.

Attendance is free and drinks are provided by modmore, so if you're close to Berlin, you should definitely attend.

If you're not close to Berlin, but closer to Denver instead, there's another meetup today (February 20th) where JP DeVries, not only lead developer on Redactor but also MODX core team member, will be talking about the future of MODX as well as some modmore related subjects. Information and registration can be found here.