MoreGallery 1.1 now available

As our first minor release of the year, I'm happy to announce that MoreGallery 1.1 is now available. This release brings some new features such as tagging and an import function on top of the existing super smooth upload. It also features a number of bug fixes and improvements, as detailed below.

New Features

  • Add Tagging functionality: back-end adding of tags, mgGetTags snippet to list tags and updates to mgGetImages to filter on tags and added placeholder. Big thanks to Citrus Design for the help and contribution towards this feature.
  • Import file into the Gallery by selecting it using the MODX Browser
  • Sanitise file names on upload


  • Gallery Toolbar now stays in view when scrolling past it
  • Change icon set to sprite-based icon set
  • Updated Danish translation.


  • Fix broken images in back-end when using remote media sources (like S3)
  • Make sure the container is resized upon opening a full image view modal
  • Fix errors being logged due to caching check

MoreGallery 1.1 is available as update to all our users via Package Management, and can be purchased for €25 per MODX site. Looking for a demo? Login here with username demo and password demouser.

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