Announcing Scheduler 1.1

On May 29th we released Scheduler 1.1.0. This version of Scheduler introduces a number of improvements and bug fixes. Here's what you need to know!

New & Improved

  • Right clicking a task in the component will now let you quickly schedule a task run for that task
  • Follow the configured date and time formats for timestamps in the component
  • Improve display of (nested) data arrays in the task run grids
  • When calling the $task->schedule() method, it will now return the sTaskRun object instead of true on success


  • Fix several issues and error log entires when isn't an array
  • Fix adding a task of any type but the snippet, due to validation
  • Fix fields being duplicated when reopening a task update

About Scheduler

Scheduler is a simple message queue or background task runner for MODX. It is primarily a tool for developers that want to execute specific tasks at specific times, where a cron job alone is not practical enough. Example use cases include:

  • Sending an email reminder to newly registered users after 14 days. In the registration code, a task in Scheduler is scheduled for 14 days from now, and is passed the user ID.
  • Offloading slow or heavy tasks to the background, such as generating PDF invoices after placing an order. 

And you know what, Scheduler is also free! Read more about Scheduler here.