Now available for testing: Redactor v2!

Today, after six months of hard work, we're glad to announce Redactor v2 is available for testing. Redactor v2 is a major update that brings a ton of new features, improvements and bug fixes. 

The headline features include:

  • Utilises Redactor.js 10
  • All new media browser with more features for power users
  • Source code has syntax highlighting (via CodeMirror or Ace)
  • All settings are now context aware
  • 13 brand new plugins

And, best of all, Redactor v2 will be a free upgrade!

How to test Redactor v2

To use Redactor v2, you'll need to enable the pre-releases channel on the relevant API Key (Account > API Keys). With that enabled, Redactor 2.0.0-rc1 will be available to install or update.

Please note: we do not recommend using it production just yet, unless you are happy to deal with bugs, rough edges we are polishing and documentation that we are still working on.

Check the upgrade notes if you are upgrading from 1.x for a list of changes and removed features in v2. You can also check the changelog and known issues.

We want your feedback

We'd love to hear how you get on! You can send feedback and bug reports to [email protected].