Announcing SimpleCart 2.3: The first stable modmore release

Today, we’re happy to announce SimpleCart 2.3.0-pl which marks the first stable release since modmore took over development in June.

2.3 includes the following:

All payment gateways are now free. We’ve also recently released two new payment gateways: Stripe and

We’ve made it easier to get started with SimpleCart. The installer will now automatically create common resources for your shop. In future releases, we’ll enhance this with templates so you can be up and running in no time.

And we’ve fixed a bunch of bugs (32 to be exact). We’ve fixed several long standing issues such as a bug that would prevent an order from completing properly with certain legacy gateways and issues resending confirmation emails if the user did not return back to the site after payment.

To get this release, you’ll need to first migrate your license to modmore if you haven’t already.

For all the details, see the changelog or this post which covers a number of highlights and changes related to 2.3.