SimpleCart is now available from modmore

Recently we announced that SimpleCart is joining the modmore family, and today we're excited to announce that it has arrived safe and sound. Not all boxes are unpacked just yet, but we're inviting guests to the house party.

Here's what has changed with regards to SimpleCart and what we have been working on so far:

  • Licenses and billing will now be handled via exclusively. The old site and account section remains online for historical purposes. 
  • Existing SimpleCart licenses can be migrated using our License Migration Tool. All valid licenses are eligible for free upgrades. Licenses created since December 3rd, 2014 will receive a free support extension until June 3rd, 2016. Older licenses don't include support but are offered to purchase an extension at €49,50 per site. 
  • All language packs have been reintegrated into the core SimpleCart package. Translations are welcome on our CrowdIn page.
  • Aside from the core SimpleCart package, the PayPal Gateway and Mollie Gateway packages have also been added to the modmore package provider. No new updates will be released via 
  • All Payment Gateways for SimpleCart are now free.
  • A shiny new Stripe Gateway is also available from our provider, for free of course. 
  • SimpleCart now has its own section on with FAQs, documentation and pricing.

We've also taken the opportunity to release SimpleCart 2.3.0-rc1 and 2.3.0-rc2. This is what has been fixed or improved in these releases:

  • New feature: Package install can now create a default set of resources automatically
  • Improved: Include all translations in the main SimpleCart package instead of separate language packs
  • Improved: Include money_format fallback for Windows (#1)
  • Improved: Make sure confirmation page is set on the order before redirecting to a gateway (#5)
  • Improved: Add log entires for confirmation emails, including resents from the component
  • Fixed: Make sure cookies set by SimpleCart adhere to session_cookie_path and session_cookie_domain settings
  • Fixed: Error when entering a coupon code (#8)
  • Fixed: Show setup options on upgrade as well
  • Fixed: Use CSS setup option doesn't get submitted
  • Fixed: MySQL errors during setup related to plugin events

These releases are the first that are available via and should be considered a mandatory upgrade for all webshops running SimpleCart. The License Migration page contains more information about the process to update to SimpleCart 2.3, and that's also where you can import your existing licenses to modmore.

Now that we've got a solid starting point, it's time to start planning the future of SimpleCart. We've got some items on the list already, but we're sure there are other bug fixes, feature requests and payment gateways you'd like to see, so do let us know about those via [email protected] or a comment below.

I'd like to finish this post by saying just how humbled I am with the responses we received since announcing we would adopt SimpleCart. With modmore I wanted to build a trusted brand and partner the community could rely on, and the outpour of support on this move shows that two years in we're doing well on that goal.