Free development licenses now available!

Back in November at MODXpo, we announced that we’d soon be offering free licenses for our Extras while sites are in development. After months of work on our licensing system and updates to our Extras, we’re pleased to announce that dev licenses are now ready for use!

Dev licenses let you try out one of our Extras or start working on a client project straight away without the need for a license. You’ll just need to buy a license when the site is ready to go live. There are no limits to the number of dev domains you can install it on, or any restrictions on features.

To install a free dev license, open our package provider on a supported domain (localhost,, *.dev, *.loc, *.local, dev.*, stage.*, staging.*) and you'll be able to download and use the Extra for free.

Dev licenses work with MoreGallery, Redactor, ContentBlocks, and SimpleCart. Expect to see it in Commerce when it ships.

For more info on how dev licenses work, check out the FAQ. Or if you have any feedback or questions, please let us know in the forums or via email.