We're represented in the MODX Advisory Board

Last week, the MODX Advisory Board (MAB for short) was officially launched. The goal of the MAB is to help the MODX Project Leadership define the future of MODX. This includes advising on roadmaps and requirements, as well as various processes surrounding the project. The MAB is made up from a wide range of individuals from across the community, each bringing a unique viewpoint to the discussion.

I'm personally representing modmore on the board, as part of the vendors group of members. The areas I'm most interested in contributing to are accessibility, processes and extendability.

Two other members of the modmore team, John-Paul DeVries and Christian Seel, are also represented on the board through their own independent companies and activities.

  • John-Paul is the lead developer on Redactor, but is also a Thinkful mentor, does freelance front-end development, and is a big accessibility advocate. He is most interested in a future html-first manager experience.
  • Christian is involved with front-end development and design for modmore, but spends most of his time working for other clients with his agency SEDA.digital. Christian was also voted vice-chair of the board.

We're all excited about the potential impact the MAB will have on the future of MODX.