MoreGallery 1.4 is out

We're working on releasing new features for our extras quicker, by delivering them in smaller batches as soon as they're done. This MoreGallery release however is an exception. It's huge, packed with new features and improvements, and comes a year after the last feature release. Let's just say we're catching up ;)

This release includes 14 new features, 13 improvements, and a handful of bug fixes. The highlights are below:

Custom Fields

Perhaps you want to add a copyright notice, or some additional information about the image? With the new Custom Fields feature in MoreGallery 1.4, you can do all that and then some.

More control over thumbnail generation

We've added additional settings for thumbnail generation. You can now control things like the thumbnail format and JPEG quality. We've also made sure that if a thumbnail is (accidentally) deleted, it will be regenerated with the default options automatically.

Expanded IPTC and EXIF handling

We were already prefilling the image name from the IPTC data, but you can now also access the image's IPTC and EXIF data using a chunk. If the image contains keywords or categories in the IPTC data, we're also automatically adding those to the tags for you on upload. We've added documentation for dealing with EXIF data and dealing with IPTC data.

Implemented Alpacka

We've added Alpacka to MoreGallery, which is our utility library containing shared code between our extras. This provides MoreGallery with context-aware settings, support for path placeholders (including resource fields and TVs) in the gallery relative path, and transliteration in filename sanitisation.

Updated license system

MoreGallery 1.4 now also uses our updated license system. You can now use MoreGallery for free on development environments. You can find out more about development licenses in the FAQs.

And more...

These are just the highlights of what's new in 1.4; the full changelog can be found here. MoreGallery 1.4 is out now and is available as a free upgrade to all users.