New & improved documentation

As we've added more extras over the years with more features, keeping documentation in a format that's easy to navigate has been tricky. The site just wasn't built with five (or more!) levels of navigation in mind. Today I'm excited to officially launch a new site for our documentation to solve that:

The new documentation site has as a simple, content-focused design, with a tree view and previous/next navigation for easier browsing. Documentation for both our Premium Extras and Open Source Extras have already been moved over, with redirects in place.

All the documentation is now written in markdown files, which are rendered to a static HTML website using a tool called Daux. This workflow makes it possible to host the source files in a public GitHub repository, allowing anyone to propose content changes. Plus, as it's just static HTML, we've added a zip file so you can download the docs to browse offline.

We hope you'll find the improved documentation useful and, as always, let us know if you have any questions or feedback!

Check out the new documentation