Redactor 2.1.0 out now!

Today, we shipped Redactor 2.1.0 which includes a number of improvements and fixes.

We've added a "list" view to the Eureka Media Browser, which is like the normal view but without thumbnails. This allows you to quickly browse the file system and find the file you're looking for. Like the normal view, you can sort files by Name, Dimension, File Size and Edited On.

Redactor's new "list view"

Eureka also now opens where you last were regardless of which resource you're on. Previously, Eureka predicted which state to resume in, but this was sometimes confusing so we hope the new behaviour provides a better experience.

Our plan is to move Eureka into its own package in Redactor 3.0 so that Redactor has less settings, and so that the Eureka settings can span across different Extras.

Redactor 2.1 also includes our updated license system, which allows you to install free licenses on development environments.

We'll be releasing more info about Redactor 3.0 and our new license system soon, so keep an eye out for announcements :)

Redactor 2.1.0 is a free upgrade and is available to update in your MODX manager. Check out the full changelog and let us know if you have any questions via email or on our community forum.